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Monday 06 September 2010 11:17:45 am - 3 replies


Two weeks after the first beta of eZ Publish Fuji (4.4), the last development version is now available for you : BETA 2.

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Eirik Alfstad Johansen

Tuesday 07 September 2010 1:41:08 am

I get the errror message "An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact the webmaster." after having unpacked the distro and trying to run it on my localhost. The error log says:

[ Sep 07 2010 10:38:22 ] Unexpected error, the message was : Unable to 
connect to the database server 'localhost' in 
 on line 164

Any idea what this is?


Eirik Alfstad Johansen

André R.

Tuesday 07 September 2010 5:59:44 am

Hi Eirik!

In the middle of fixing it, but basically as a workaround you'll need to setup connection parameters to db in settings/site.ini.
Table is not needed, but you'll get a notice during setup if it is wrong.

[Update] Alternative: While we wait for new packages, overwrite index.php and kernel/classes/datatypes/ezuser/ezuserloginhandler.php from git master:

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Christoph von Siebenthal

Thursday 09 September 2010 11:45:28 pm

Thank you André

I like the usefull answer. Not the bug. lol

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