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eZ Publish Fuji Beta 1

Tuesday 24 August 2010 12:42:24 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Hot on the trails of the alpha releases, eZ Publish Fuji (4.4) is available now in its first beta release. Read on for all details!

The beta release is feature complete, but does not have the same amount of testing and polish as the final eZ Publish Enterprise edition will have - so you should not use this on a production server. Please do test and find issues, as this is your chance to get them fixed before release.

  • Session management has been revamped to provide much greater performance
  • Subitems table as introduced in admin2 in earlier 4.4 alphas now lets you configure which columns to show by default using an ini setting. This is configurable pr navigation part (Content, Media, Users, etc)

Known issue:

  • Multiupload does not work in beta 1 (issue #17093)

Download eZ Publish Fuji (4.4) Beta 1 :


An unresolved issue (yet) prevents some of you to download the tarballs. Here they are, mirrored :

We are calling on you for sending feedback. Comments under the blog post, bugs at, or comments under existing issues are the best way to do this.

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eZ Publish Fuji Beta 1