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eZ Publish Fuji Beta 2

Monday 06 September 2010 11:17:44 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Two weeks after the first beta of eZ Publish Fuji (4.4), the last development version is now available for you : BETA 2.

The beta release is feature complete, but does not have the same amount of testing and polish as the final eZ Publish Enterprise edition will have - so you should not use this on a production server. Please do test and find issues, as this is your chance to get them fixed before release.

However very close to release quality, this BETA 2 of Fuji fixes a fair amount of bugs and brings useful enhancements. Check the full list by yourself : (log-in on before).

To name only a few :

  • #12393: "Added mysqli cluster db backend"
  • #15898: "Cannot translate a user content object"
  • #17148: "Template cache not generated can lead to database overload with ezdb cluster file handler"
  • #13065: "Do not expire access cache of each user when a location is added to one user"

Download eZ Publish BETA 2 :

We are calling on you for sending feedback. Comments under the blog post, bugs at, or comments under existing issues are the best way to do this.

Happy testing !

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