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A few hours left to vote for your preferred design !

Thursday 03 June 2010 3:31:21 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

On friday, April 21st was launched the eZ Community Design Contest, calling all designers in the community, and way beyond, to grab their (e)pencils and let their creativity flow. The goal was to get the eZ Publish Community portal,, a good-looking face, along with a cool ergonomy. Since then, we all worked on spreading the word about this contest, and welcome up to 17 registered participants!


Regular updates were posted, here and there, for everyone to follow the process. Robin extensively exchanged with the participants, through email, making sure they had all they needed to move ahead, caring for them and their valuable time. It turned out time was the scarce resource, every participant using her free time to sketch out her proposal. We would like to thank all contestants for this strong involvement. Whatever the final output is, they are all winners: they got involved and used their spare time to sweat for the whole community, pencil in hand, on tight deadlines. Thank you!

On friday, may 21st, the submissions were opened. This meant that all participants were given the possibility to show their work, even partially finished, and let it be rated by the entire community. So far, two designs were submitted, you can view them here : We currently have only three steps before the contest ends :

June 4th Closing of submissions and ratings
June 4th to June 7th Based on the votes and compliancy of the submitted designs to the initial specifications (checked by the team), determination of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd designs. The winner (prize : Wacom Intuos tablet + free ticket to the eZ Conference) will be contacted so that she can book her transportation to Berlin promptly.
June 24th Announcement of the winner at the eZ Conference in Berlin, during the eZ Awards ceremony, in presence of the winner designer, and simultaneously on!

Concretely, this means you should hurry up to tell what you think :)

How ? Every community member can and should rate the submitted designs. Use the star-rating system, displayed on top of every design page. The list of designs submitted is here, click every of them to see more details. Also, click the images listed on every design page, helping you to better "feel" the spirit of the proposed design. In case you are pretty enthusiastic about one of them, just wax lyrical on twitter (make sure you follow the many community members there) and in your own network.

You are given the opportunity to choose how the eZ Publish Community gateway will look like, seize it!

Spread the word and rate before june 4th!