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Design contest : be the one to redesign the eZ Publish Community portal

Wednesday 21 April 2010 5:27:08 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

With the recent launch of eZ Publish's new Community Portal it is time to call for all designers to take out their pencils and paper. It is time for a design contest! Do you have creativity running through your veins, and do you want to see your design applied to the new community portal at ? You should not wait any longer, participate, have fun and as a result get your creativity exposed to the broad audience of the eZ Publish Community and... get rewarded for your work :)

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Redesign the eZ Publish Community portal

This contest is open to absolutely anyone willing to tag the eZ Publish Community portal with his name. This place is where 35000+ members are registered, a fair amount of them stepping by daily to share ideas, experiences, code, translations, knowledge, tips & tricks and fun around eZ Publish. How about all of them seeing, every day, a "Designed by <you>" on all pages ?

It starts on April, 21st, and ends on June 4th.

And that's not all...while the 3 best designs are rewarded, the best wins a Wacom Intuos design tablet and a free ticket to the eZ Conference in Berlin next june ! Read on to learn all details !

All you need to know

First, register :


Three key documents are provided to help contestants work comfortably :

  1. A description of the portal's content, along with a functional brief : Content profile and functional brief
  2. A set of Wireframes, providing visual explanation on the previous document : Wireframes
    These wireframes were built using GoMockingBird. You can click the links within the pages to navigate in a natural way. You can also use the top-banner "Jump to" drop-down to browse pages.
  3. The rules of the contest, including prize description, general conditions and deadlines : Rules

Please read them carefully. They have been prepared for several weeks by this portal's team ( ) with care and dedication, and should bring you most of the information required for you to comfortably make this place pretty and cool. This contest will be led in a completely open way :

  • A dedicated forum was set up for contestants and the team to exchange :
  • The Community itself will vote for her preferred designs

Submission process and deadlines

All deliveries must be submitted to [community @ ez . no]. All details as to what the deliveries should contain, and how frequently they can be submitted are explained in the Rules document. The submitted deliveries, called final by their authors and compliant with the requirements, will be pushed into the voting system along the way. The earlier, the more votes they can receive. The final deadline is June 4th, after which submissions will no longer be accepted. The contest starts from today on.

We truly expect an active communication, during the contest, between contestants and the portal's team. The dedicated forum is appropriate for this : .


Spread the word, far away !

Feel free to spread the news to all your contacts, any design community you may know about or even be involved in. This is how we can make our community a better-looking place!

May the best man win!

Tag your tweets : #ezdc
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