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eZ Design Contest : submissions are open, time to submit your designs and vote!

Friday 21 May 2010 7:45:03 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

We are 3 weeks into the design contest, and with only 2 weeks to go before submissions are closed, we are now entering the voting phase. So if you want to be an actor in choosing how your community portal looks, get on and vote!

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Progress update

In the last two weeks we had 4 more designers sign up for the design contest, so right now we are at 13 contestants. From the feedback we have had from the designers, and the sneak peaks, we know that some are already at 25 to even 100% of converting the wireframes to designs/mockups. With our tight schedule this is a very good result so far from the designers. Big kudos to them so far!

Submission process

As of today, the time has come for the designers to submit there first deliveries e.g. designs for the whole community to rate them. Different from what was written in the Rules, they can submit there deliveries through a web form located here, which we thought would be handier. The form also provides extra fields such as Name of the design, Name of the designer, and a free rich-format field where anything can be added like Company, Bio, Motivation, Inspirations, and links to other design elements which would not fit in the single file field available for submission. This gives the community members who are voting on the designs some more information on the designer's initiative. The designers submitting a design can submit it several times, provided they have made improvements on it, or adjusted their work according the the team's feedback. This also means they can submit a partially finished work, and submit the final version later on. This allows for early appreciation by the community, and voting.

Submission starts at the form below, the rest of the process goes by itself. Designers who already submitted a design should see it listed at the top of the form, and are encouraged to edit it instead of submitting another design (which will anyways be merged manually with the previous one). If any problem with submission, just leave a comment under this post, or drop an email to

Every submission will appear online a few moments after it was created, but not necessarily immediately.

A page listing all designs at once will shortly be made available (stay tuned). This helps having the at-a-glance overview required to compare the various submission, and adjust one's voting consequently.
The submissions are processed by the team and are to be viewed at the location mentioned above, shortly.


As soon as the designs are processed and visible at the location mentioned above, all community members can vote for them. For the voting method itself, we are using the Star Rating system which is used on the share community portal. If you want to vote for the designs, you can give your rating on every individual design. All of them deserve your attention!


A summary of the current schedule for the design contest:

May 21st Submission of first deliveries e.g. designs
May 21st to June 4th Voting round for the community
June 4th Closing of submissions
June 4th to June 7th Based on the votes and compliancy of the submitted designs to the initial specifications (checked by the team), determination of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd designs. The winner (prize : Wacom Intuos tablet + free ticket to the eZ Conference) will be contacted so that she can book her transportation to Berlin promptly.
June 24th Announcement of the winner at the eZ Conference in Berlin, during the eZ Awards ceremony, in presence of the winner designer, and simultaneously on!

We are entering the last two weeks where the designers can finish their designs, and submit any new updates. Time for all the community members to vote, and time for the engaged designers to give the last efforts to get a cool reference!

Designs in competition

share-ez-no design by Zwebb - Homepage - design proposal by Zwebb.
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