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2010 sept 28th - Meeting minutes

Thursday 30 September 2010 7:52:34 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Regular as metronomes, two weeks after the previous meeting, here are the minutes of this week's meeting.

Date : 2010, sept. 28th.
Participants : Robin, Graham, Philippe, Carlos, Nicolas
Where : skype


Welcoming new members in the team

Alexandre Sebbane. Greet him online :

Prior action points : status + evolution
1/ Migrating the old contribs section

The export is finished, and pushed in SVN.
Documented if someone want to reproduce this locally, and the export is present in SVN as an XML file.
Alex started crafting the import, based on sqliimport.
The import script identifies duplicate projects --> This then requires manual triage.
Authors also sometimes have several accounts --> and this needs to be sorted manually too.
We need mapping between the old categories (on and the “component types” on --> looking for volunteers here.
Solution : create a new one if no suitable component type is found. This will save time.

2/ Upgrading to eZ Publish Fuji (4.4).

Graham has some knowledge of the platform, and can help identifying the pitfalls.
Carlos can try to upgrade locally --> needs a full dump of
Usage of ezupgrade is envisaged (Jérôme has some knowledge of this extension)

3/ Cleaning-up
4/ : needs love and safeguarding

Exchange with Gaetano, main maintainer of :

Overflown from last time :
  • Upgrading to eZ 4.4
  • Moving translation process to using GIT
  • Access to Documentation : how to improve ? Need a discussion on “licensing” as well (see ezpedia)
  • : needs love and safeguarding
Today’s topics

No new topic

Prioritized next steps

1/ Finish the old contribs import
2/ Start auditing and assess the complexity of migrating to Fuji

Next time

13th of October, 20:00 GMT +2

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2010 sept 28th - Meeting minutes