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Thursday 30 September 2010 7:52:35 am - 3 replies


Regular as metronomes, two weeks after the previous meeting, here are the minutes of this week's meeting.

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Matthieu Sévère

Thursday 14 October 2010 12:07:29 pm

About point 3) Clean-up do you plan to allow to remove some projects ?

I have myself some projects that I couldn't achieve or that are deprecated and it pollutes a bit projects....

What do you think ?

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Nicolas Pastorino

Friday 15 October 2010 1:07:08 am

Hi Matthieu,

Yes that is part of the plan :

  • remove deprecated projects, in collaboration with their original authors and the rest of the community
  • provide a better way to find suitable projects : eZ Find with facets, better tagging, simplification of the classification

Any other idea ?
Cheers !

Nicolas Pastorino
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Member of the Community Project Board

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Matthieu Sévère

Friday 15 October 2010 1:17:10 am

Cool, looks very good :)


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