Blogs / eZ / Two weeks to go to the eZ Winter Conference in Nice, Jan 27th and 28th

Two weeks to go to the eZ Winter Conference in Nice, Jan 27th and 28th

Friday 14 January 2011 5:15:02 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino


As initially announced here, the eZ Winter Conference will take place in Nice, on January 27th & 28th, followed by a ski-trip in the Alps ! Here is an update, read on !


Edit : the wrap-up, slides and pictures of the conference are available here

I was just updating the Agenda of the soon-to-come Winter Conference (2 weeks to go, you'd better pack-up or convince your boss to get you there if not already done !! ), when it occurred to me i should update you on what's going on.


The preparation went full-steam lately, filling-up the agenda of the Community Day (Jan 27th, all day), with two pretty exciting talks about Taxonomy and eZ Publish project industrialisation. We also got two proposals for flash-talks (new thing this year, 5 minutes to "sell" your extension, or idea), but we need more of those !! You can submit yours here. Let me remind you that this implies almost NO PREPARATION, but one or two slides at most, and maybe a mini-demo, certainly triggering further discussions in the barcamp at the end of the day.


I highly encourage you to make as much effort as you can to join. I know this might imply intense negotiation sessions, but the Community Day, and more generally the whole conference is one of the few times a year the whole eZ Ecosystem is physically gathering, Don't miss out on this. Last year's Winter Conference in Geneva, and the big one in Berlin in June, were absolutely awesome. We all re-enforced the bonds we primed through forums, twitter, IRC, tutorials or blogs, putting faces on nicknames, the ultra-positive feeling of meeting people you've been exchanging with a lot, yet not having the impression to have "totally connected".


So come by and grab these missing-links in Nice. Please register, this is a mandatory logistics thing, decide to share an idea if you feel like it (flash-talk), and also check-out the second day's schedule, may be of interest for partners.

PS : the ski week-end should be pretty cool too : gliding, having fun, breathing fresh-air, enjoying the sun. Nice huh ?