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eZ Conference 2010 wrap-up and slides

Thursday 01 July 2010 2:58:49 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Right back from the amazing 2010 edition of the eZ Conference, here is a small wrap-up.

My main recollection of the Community Track for this year will be people standing in the back of the room...simply because all seats were occupied! We could feel a deep interest in the talks on both days, which regularly triggered interactive questions & answers sessions, often continued after the talk, or around a fresh German beer in the evenings. By the way, all slides are now available here, and many, many thanks to all speakers. They came-up with very professional presentations of their field-experience. The Community Track and the eZ Conference in general were a great occasion to physically meet each other, while most of the time communicating through virtual channels. To put a face on a twitter account is such a pleasure !

For the second time (1st in Geneva), all of you who could not make it could follow the Community Track on TV, thanks to UStream's fantastic social streaming service. Questions were asked through this channel, from all around the world. It was good to have you remote-guys tuned-in. While i really hope you to join the next event (about this in my talk), we will continue tunneling our Community through e-veins every time.

The Feature & Bug Roulette, Ariadne's thread of the first day, was a premiere. @masev @jvieilledent @dotten @andrerom @plopix @alexsebbane gathered (pictures here and there), we forked eZ Publish's github repository into a local one for the sake of this event and started tackling the list of features which you guys could rate before the eZ Conference. It was a great time all together, discussing the features, a few potential bug fixes, and learning to better use Git at the same time. Definitely something that should happen more often, in local events for instance.

On Thursday evening, we could all enjoy the fantastic eZ Awards ceremony, in a wonderful venue. To pick the winner out of all nominees for each Award, tough choices had to be made. We would like to thank all nominees for their continued involvement throughout last year, an amazing sign of the ambient feeling of belonging. And we are honored to announce the final eZ Awards winners.

Finally, the final ranking of the eZ Community Design Contest was announced live during the Awards ceremony, and a few hours later here. Read more about this here.

Should you have any pictures, comments on the event, please post them as comments under this post. I am already looking forward to the next event, to get a chance to meet even more of you. These real-life moments of intense exchange are an important, concrete expression of how our Community's heart beats, and there is no such thing as feeling a heart beat from close.

See you next time,
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Cheers !