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Thursday 18 August 2011 7:28:52 am

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When editing a content object that has an attribute of the object relation datatype for images you have several clicks to upload the image in the media library first, then attach it to the current object (article).
This leads to both several clicks too much for the user and also a shift of context. The operation today consists of:
* Navigating to the right location in the media library
* Uploading an image and tagging it
* Enter the article editing interface
* Search for an image in the "add related object" field
* Attach image
The operation should be more similar to the one when adding an image in OE.
* Click upload image
* Choose location (dropdown?)
* Choose local file
* Ok
* File is automatically uploaded in the right location and added as a relation to the current object.
This is a daily operation for content editors and takes up much time if they want to have a nicely categorized media library and re-use the images in articles as front-page images or thumbnails (i.e. not uploading in the XML Text with OE).

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