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Thursday 30 September 2010 3:53:41 am - 2 replies


Thanks to the feedback received since the first version of the REST preview, we have decided to publish a new version.

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Thomas David

Thursday 30 September 2010 8:50:12 pm

Impressed. I am exited to develop plugin from this article.

Gaetano Giunta

Monday 01 November 2010 3:19:44 pm

About problems inthe sql code for creating db schema: why don't you just create the db_schema.dba file first, and use cli tools to generate sqls for the different dbs?

You can even let eZP generate the db_schema.dba file from a live instance (just an annoyance it will not let you pick a single set of tables to dump. iirc someone had provided a patch for taht but it was rolled back... the corresponding issue is still in wit)

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