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Updated REST API developer preview 1.2

Thursday 30 September 2010 3:53:40 am

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By : Bertrand Dunogier

Thanks to the feedback received since the first version of the REST preview, we have decided to publish a new version.

This new packages fixes two issues:

Compatibility with Fast-CGI and non-rewritten environnements

The MVC controller wasn't flexible enough when it came to server environnement. It should now accept Fast-CGI as well as module, and should handle non-rewritten setups much better.
If you don't use URL rewriting, you need to change the REST URI in your client, making sure it contains index_rest.php. In the GIST example, this is what the variable would look like this: $eZHost = 'http://localhost/index_rest.php';

The same applies when using subfolders; The URL you provide will be prefixed with the REST API URIs; with the previous example, the queried URL would be http://localhost/index_rest.php/api/content/node/2.

The /api/ URI part IS mandatory at the moment, but this is something we will change in the near future.

Fixed MySQL dump

We clearly got hit by Murphy on this one. The ONE time we test on postgresql instead of MySQL, the MySQL dump has errors. This is now fixed :-)

And in both cases, thank you Thiago !


Download ezp_rest_preview_1-2.tgz.