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This is a checklist of actions for an update of an eZ Publish website. Comments/contributions are welcome.

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Greg McAvoy-Jensen

Friday 04 March 2011 8:25:47 am

Thanks, Gaetano--especially for the tip on how to "warm up" the caches!

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Geoff Bentley

Friday 04 March 2011 5:41:36 pm

Great checklist. Hands up who wishes that making an update were simpler? Of course, a lot can be scripted, BUT, I would request that some serious thought is put into making updating the following easier:

  1. roles & policies
  2. workflows


  3. sections


  4. object states definitions

If there was an option for packaging up content classes and any associated roles & policies, that would make life so much easier!

Damien Pobel

Monday 07 March 2011 3:26:49 am

Interesting checklist. For "[optional] put the public website offline" part, I wrote an article almost 3 years ago with a way to do that in the Apache configuration, there's also alternatives ways of doing the same things in the comments.


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Saturday 12 March 2011 1:01:58 am

Followed this checklist yesterday, everything went smooth without any hickups. Had a backup ready just in case, but not needed. Thanks for the writeup, was helpfull.

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Marko Žmak

Monday 14 March 2011 3:11:46 pm

Nice checklist... Here are two little details also worth mentioning:

  • regenerate static cache before putting the site online (bin/php/makestaticcache.php)
  • test the upgraded site on the server before putting it online :)

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