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Thursday 18 August 2011 7:28:42 am

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At the moment a cronjob can be run below exactly one siteaccess. This causes several problems, where two important one are:
- When sending for example Emails, these emails will be sent in exactly one language (the one from the siteaccess used by the runcronjobs script)
- It is not easily possible to use one eZ Publish installation for more than one customer, because typically customers have different requirements (also concerning the cronjobs and their execution). If customer A needs a cronjob, customer B will also get it.
What we need are two improvements here:
- Especially for the Emails it should be possible to get the preferred language (and perhaps also other information) from the user object itself instead of the siteaccess.
- With respect to the workflows an information about the siteaccess below which an event has been created should be stored. The workflow should then only execute events having the same siteaccess as the one the runcronjobs script currerntly uses. (Yes, when thinking about an admin interface one must think about a solution).
In principle all cronjob scripts and perhaps also other shell scripts should be investigated, to see how they could be improved so that they can be executed in parallel at the same time but using a different siteaccess.

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