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Monday 30 August 2010 6:29:18 am - 2 replies


The transformation of eZ Components to Apache Zeta Components nears completion. The project has reached incubator state, which means that the projects now needs to show it has a vital community to reach top level project state in the Apache Software Foundation.

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Gaetano Giunta

Monday 30 August 2010 7:59:09 am


What about a roadmap? Is there one for the next release, or not yet?

What about the tracker issues: on which basis are those being migrated?

Last, two things about the website

- it would be nice to have search functionality

- support is not mentioned yet

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Tobias Schlitt

Monday 30 August 2010 11:02:23 am


thanks for your reply. We do not have a roadmap, yet. It depends on how fast the community evolves and we manage to migrate our dev process to ASF standards. Any contribution is highly welcome. :) We cannot migrate issues from the old tracker, because we do not want to violate peoples copyright and want to respect privacy. If you have any special issues to be migrated, please re-add them to the new issue tracker.

A search for the website would be indeed nice. Please raise this question on the developer mailinglist, if possible, so we can find a solution here. is already mentioned in the website source, but the HTML has not been re-generated yet. It will be part of the next website update.


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