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Status of Zeta Components

Monday 30 August 2010 6:29:17 am

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By : Tobias Schlitt

The transformation of eZ Components to Apache Zeta Components nears completion. The project has reached incubator state, which means that the projects now needs to show it has a vital community to reach top level project state in the Apache Software Foundation.

The current status

After the SVN import of the eZ Components source code into the Apache Zeta Components repository, which was the most crucial initial step, we are able to start development again, and the repository already received quite a number of commits. The new SVN repository is available at:
Once the SVN repository was set up, we started to rebuild a new website for the Apache Zeta Components, which can be reached at We migrated the old website documents and regenerated the API documentation so it is again available on the website. Of course, all tutorials are also available again on the website. If you are willing to help refactoring or extending the documentation, this would be very welcome.

The issues for Apache Zeta Components are not managed in the WiT instance for eZ components any more, but are now managed in a Jira instance hosted by the Apache Software Foundation. It can be reached at:
There is a number of new mailing lists available - they are now separated into a commits, issues, users and development mailinglist. Subscription to the mailing lists and HTTP access to the mailing list archives is documented on the website.

What you can do

As said, the incubation phase for Apache projects is about building a vital community. Since it is an Apache project now, the steps to contribute are slightly different then before. We welcome all contributions and everybody who wants to help making the project better - and building the best PHP components.
To contribute major bits of code or documentation you still need to sign a CLA (Contributors License Agreement), this time to the Apache Software Foundation. The CLA does not really differ from the CLA eZ System requested for contributions to their products, though. The community page on our website documents the process of getting involved in more detail.

What will happen next

The development of Apache Zeta Components will continue, since most of the original developers are still on board. We can now also start the development process of new components - some contributions from new developers are already planned right now. Follow the development mailing list for details. We would also love to see you developing another component or enhancing existing components.

Since Apache Zeta Components are a major component of eZ Publish and you are probably already using them (maybe indirectly) there is still a requirement for commercial support. The newly founded Qafoo GmbH - passion for software quality can provide commercial support, training and consulting for all Apache Zeta Components, and - the PHP consulting company will provide support for the Workflow component as documented on the support page on the website.

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Status of Zeta Components