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Limitation possibilities for subtree notification

By Niko Goers

This feature request is part of Community Roadmap


It would be nice if its possible to limit the subtree notification to certain specifications (i.e. class limition or notification only for new published objects) using the notification policies.

Quote from the official notification FAQ to make it clearer http://doc.ez.no/eZ-Publish/Technical-manual/4.x/Features/Notifications/Frequently-Asked-Questions

Q: Is there any way to set "filters" for subtree notifications? I have a set of articles under a certain folder and the users are notified whenever a new article is created there. However, they also receive notifications when an existing article is edited or a new folder is created. I'd like to specify "only notify if a new object of type article is being created" or something similar.

A: This is not supported at the moment.


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