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Covention over configuration approach for template overrides

By Michal Slocinski

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For most developers, workflow when creating new templates & classes is following:

  1. create class
  2. edit override.ini.append.php to add mapping to views of this class (full, line, etc.)
  3. create files

Step 2 is cumbersome and can be simplified with "convention over configuration" approach known from modern web frameworks such as RoR.

Instead of requiring user to edit "overrides" file, let system search for template with id of class in folder with name of view in your current design folder ("override/templates/VIEW/CLASS_ID.tpl").

For example, assuming I just created class "book" I would go to my design folder and inside "override/templates/full" and "override/templates/line" I could create files "book.tpl" which are default for my class.

Current mechanism override based mechanism can be still used as fallback option.

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