Blogs / team / RFC : more participation through a reworked “Get Involved” section.

RFC : more participation through a reworked “Get Involved” section.

Thursday 31 March 2011 4:10:25 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

The “Get Involved” section is being reworked in depth. We need your feedback on the proposal made by the team, read-on and comment !

This RFC will stay open for two weeks. The objective is to gather your feedback on both the content and the structure of this new “Get Involved” section.

The objective in revamping this section is to improve the guidance for new and existing community members. The content is sliced and diced according to the main fields of activity of our community. For each of them (develop, exchange, internationalize, etc), a clear description is given, under the form of an invitation for potentially interested people.

The first entry on the right-side menu ( take a look at the "Table of contents" box on the right of this text, the first entry is "Introduction" ) will be the main landing page of the get-involved section. All other entries on the right-side menu (Develop, Exchange, ..) are sensed to be, in the final layout, independent subpages of /get-involved (the main landing page). While difficult to present in a blog post, please try, when reviewing this RFC, to picture it like this. The diagram below gives an idea of the envisioned final structure.

This section will be made full-width, so that one scroll maximum is required to read the whole page. Thanks in advance for spending 5 minutes of your time with us, start here.