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Thursday 31 March 2011 4:10:26 am - 2 replies


The “Get Involved” section is being reworked in depth. We need your feedback on the proposal made by the team, read-on and comment !

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Tony Wood

Saturday 09 April 2011 1:25:46 am


Nice doc. I really like the badge idea. I think it will give folks a easy way to:

  • be rewarded for community activity
  • see their accomplishments
  • see a clear route forward in the community
  • enable others to see who is currently active
  • see who is an expert in a particular area

I am almost looking forward to the "Gold Farming" and the "Forum grinding" activities as this will mean that the rewards are seen by these people as valuable!

Great ideas and very clean.

Might I suggest a locational badge awarded by eZ when they attend events and a certification badge when they pass the exams.

ooh and also would be good to make this into professional looking widgets that devs can pop on their blogs etc.

Nice Work!


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Nicolas Pastorino

Monday 02 May 2011 10:13:28 am

Thanks Tony for your feedback !

I integrated your remarks in the RFC document.


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