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Mark your forum topics as solved when you got an appropriate answer

Tuesday 23 March 2010 12:13:49 pm

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Time to welcome a brand new feature on the community portal: the "Mark as solved" one !


Whenever someone asks a question on forums (ie: creates a new forum topic), she sometimes gets the answer she was looking for, after some time and collaboration with other fellow community members. By that time, it is convenient for the author to mark the initial post as "solved", clearly notifying anyone browsing the forums that a good answer was found, and that there is no need to help on this point anymore. As well, it helps others having similar questions quickly find the accepted answers.

How it works

Here are, at a glance, the new things you may stumble upon when browsing.

When landing on a forum topic, its status ( solved or unresolved ) is visible through the top-left corner icon :

If i am the original author of the topic, i have the possibility to change its status :

The status of topic is then reflected in the parent forum's landing page, listing all topics. All solved topics are pushed to the end of the list, can be deliberately found there for later reference, leaving more room for the unresolved topics.

EDIT: per community's feedback (see comments under this post), the solved topics are not pushed to the end of the list anymore.

Here is what it looks like :

Do you like it ?

Tell us (the team) if you like it, we love feedback. You can use the comments below to say a few words on how you are using it, or you can directly use the issue tracker (very handy i must confess) there :, to give enhancement ideas, or describe bugs you may have found using the feature (and in a more general way to help this portal evolve in the right direction).

Happy solving fellows !