First prize

The winner of this contest will receive a free pass to our next eZ Conference in june 2010 [1], plus a Wacom a design tablet [2]. On top of this, its name/company's name will proudly stand on every page of the eZ Community portal: "Designed by <you>".


Second and third prizes

We do not see any reason why only the winner should be rewarded. The second best design's creator will receive a design tablet as well [3], plus a nice eZ Publish Developer Basics book (may help integrating your design into eZ Publish, if not already the case). And the third best designer will also get a free eZ Publish Developer Basics book !



Practical points

  1. Contestants are asked to fully acknowledge the content description document here This document is completed by a set of wireframes :, for a faster comprehension of functionalities. These wireframes are not meant to set a fixed structure and layout, but are rather provided for a clear understanding of the data and business logic of the portal. The final layout proposed by a contestant is encouraged to question the layout proposed, bringing innovation and intelligence into the wireframes.

    Generally, the contestants are encouraged to ask questions to clarify their understanding. A dedicated forum ( was setup for this, for extensive use. The team will promptly answer any clarification request.

  2. Contestants are asked to file their entries in the form of mockups, preferred in PSD file format. However, fully implemented HTML/CSS mockups are accepted too.
  3. Independently of the type of mockup delivered, a HTML/CSS Styling guide for the components within the site should be delivered too. It must describe text (font, sizes etc), tables, column components (Tag cloud, Latest forum activity). This provides a means of styling components that may not be covered in the mockups or future components/pages.
  4. Mockups should be made for all typical pages described in the wireframes (cf point 1 + ), including at least :
    - The main home page
    - The forums home page
    - A forum view
    - A forum topic view
    - The tutorials & articles home page view
    - An article view
    - The blogs home page
    - A blog home page
    - A blog-post view
    - The directory homepage (showing both individuals and companies)
    - The directory > people home page
    - The directory > companies home page
    - The My Profile page

Rules, Guidelines and Submission process

  • Entries must be submitted through email to [community @ ez . no]. If the attachments are too large to fit in an email, make sure they are downloadable somewhere.
  • You can submit your entries multiple times, after having added enhancements or implemented potential fixes asked by the team.
  • The winner, as well as the 2nd and 3rd contestants must agree on sharing the copyright of their submitted work with eZ Systems.
  • eZ Systems will have the rights to use the submitted material on
  • The design must be an original work from the designer, or clearly reference the external sources. If used, the external sources must have given an agreement on sharing their work.
  • The team reserves the right to adjust the winner design when confronting it to implementation. A special attention will be brought on not denaturing it.
  • The team also reserves the right to make the possible adjustments required by the forthcoming global identity redesign. These adjustments are likely to concerne font types, and to some extent the tints and colors used globally.
  • eZ Crew members may not submit entries for the contest.


  • Submit your entry before June 4th, 2010
  • The eZ Community will rate the delivered designs, for the duration of the contest. This will go through a vote/rating, a shortlisting and another round of votes.
  • The contest winner will be announced during the eZ Awards ceremony on tuesday, June 24th 2010 in Berlin and simultaneously on The winner will be contacted beforehand to make sure she can benefit from the won free ticket for the eZ Conference.