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Fuji is coming in September

Friday 12 March 2010 2:43:17 am

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By : Roland Benedetti

Hi all,

As introduced in the last Geneva sessions by Atila Melillo, our V.P. of engineering, we will use codenames at eZ to designate each future project release.

Codenames are not marketing, neither cosmetic, they are just a simpler and more efficient way to communicate. They are nicer and faster to use than uncivilized release numbers. They are human and more concrete, less confusable, faster to compute for some brains like mine who doesn't like that much numbers and don't speak natively in bytecode ...

Primarily used by our engineering team, we think it is smart and nice if those names are also shared and used in the entire ecosystem and especially in the community.

As a result, I am glad to share with you the project codename for the release of eZ Publish coming after eZ Publish 4.3, planned for late September.

This one will be named Fuji, and will stand for eZ Publish 4.4 release. Looking forward to climb that one!

Also, as we already start as well to discuss and work on not only one release ahead, I’m happy to tell you Matterhorn will be the name of the release coming after Fuji, planned for march 2011.

(Of course Italian speaking people will also be authorized to call this one "Cervino" but since the German name seems to be the more international one, we picked that one, ... and French speaking people talking together will be authorized to call it "Cervin"). A non the less magnificent mountain!

The next ones will be introduced as soon as we release a new version, to keep a visibility ahead on the 3 next releases.

Now, you know what will mean the mountain names you will hear from eZ engineers and hopefully community members.



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