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Friday 05 March 2010 8:54:04 am - 4 replies


Hi all,

As introduced in the last Geneva sessions by Atila Melillo, our V.P. of engineering, we will use codenames at eZ to designate each future project release.

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Lukasz Klejnberg

Friday 12 March 2010 1:40:37 pm


From 6 months I am using this image (very nice photo Fuji) to visualize great opportunities ez publish.

Best regards,

Andreas Adelsberger

Monday 15 March 2010 1:23:15 am

One way would be using famous mountains for the releases like "kilimanjaro","makalu" or "annapurna" do you still prefer big dogs;-)?

greetz Andi


Oh, I see you did choose mountain names! Nice;-)!!

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Roland Benedetti

Monday 15 March 2010 3:02:08 am

@ Andy: the three you listed are in the plan already for the following, glad you mentionned them !

Note: we target european mountains for fall release and rest of the world for spring release.

Roland Benedetti
eZ Systems, Product Management

Ivo Lukac

Wednesday 31 March 2010 6:26:03 am

Are Eiger and K2 on list?

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