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eZ Publish Community Project Matterhorn (4.5) Beta 1

Tuesday 22 February 2011 12:23:55 pm

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

eZ Publish Community Project Matterhorn (4.5) is now available in its first beta release.

The beta release is feature complete, but does not have the same amount of testing and polish as the final eZ Publish Enterprise edition will have - so you should not use this on a production server. Please do test and find issues, as this is your chance to get them fixed before release.

Top list of changes since Fuji (4.4) :

  • We've added a new RESTful interface, which will allow external client implementations, to access and query content resources inside an eZ Publish installation. Different aspects of the content objects can be queried at will, such as metadata or actual values. The REST interface is protected either by OAuth 2.0 or HTTP Basic authentication. In the future custom authentication mechanisms can be implemented and added. Additionally the REST interface can be extended via extension to allow for new 3rd party features, not provided by default. Every resource can also be versioned, so that new versions of existing resources can be provided without breaking backwards compatibility with existing clients. (details here)
  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 - combined with eZ Publish Enterprise, you can now a system supported all through the stack!
  • Improved usability of online editing and website toolbar
  • The ability to use defer publishing, for improved scalability in high load, multi-editor environments (details here)
  • FastCGI support

We are calling on you for sending feedback. Comments under the blog post, bugs at, or comments under existing issues are the best way to do this.

Here is the beta1 tarball :

Happy testing !