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[2010, April 1st] New plans for the forthcoming eZ Conferences

Thursday 01 April 2010 6:18:16 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

We are happy to announce that the ez conference schedules will from now on be inline with the new eZ Publish codenames. Read more !

Following the recent announce of codenames for eZ Publish (here), explaining that the numerical version numbers will be augmented by famous mountain names, the next eZ Conferences will systematically take place at the foot of the mountain matching the codename of the forthcoming eZ Publish version. This alinement with our naming strategy is pretty new, and implies a first substantial short-term change in the event schedules: the eZ Conference in june will take place in Hinodekan, famous, yet a bit small mountain cabin, right at the foot of mount Fuji.

This is particularly exciting for backpackers and business worldwide travellers, who will be given the opportunity to mix business with pleasure : sharing around eZ Publish (the "pleasure" part of it) and climbing mountains (the "business" part of it).

This fantastic measure implies minor logistics ajustements :

  • The keynote speakers will be broadcasting from the summit, and will be allowed to wear a jacket and winter hat, if applicable.
  • All participants will have to carry their own food and drink, by foot, to the cabin. Donkeys are available in limited supply in case you need to bring your own mainframe along.
  • Power supply will unfortunately be limited. eZ Systems will provide solar panels for speakers, but you are encouraged to bring your own. Note that fossile fuel based generators are strongly discouraged.
  • Every participant is encouraged to take ear-plugs along (most of the time mountain cabins propose an everyone-in-the-same room offer, meaning we'll all sleep together)

While we will happily overcome these tiny hurdles, we decided to make sure as many people as possible do join the event, through an aggressive offer for the potential cold-feet:
Participants to both the week days AND the week end will benefit from a 75% discount on the total price of the event, at one condition only: they will have to join the sunday climb to the top. Climbs longer than 2000m of height-difference will be avoided.

Useful resources :

Future versions & conferences:
The possible future eZ Publish Olympus Mons ( release will make accomodations a bit more difficult, but this is a nothing a good community work can't solve !

Gear-up community !
See you there !