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Saturday 23 July 2011 3:34:31 pm - 2 replies


Every developer who has come in contact with eZ for even a short moment knows what you are talking about if you mention "settings hell": a vast number of configuration settings files that can be spread over many, many directories.

Who has not spent at least a couple of hours pulling hairs trying to understand why something was not working, only to find out that a contradicting setting was set in a file of higher priority?

Despair not, because we're here to help, with the definitive guide to settings priorities!

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Steven E. Bailey

Sunday 24 July 2011 12:21:23 am

And the ext1 ext2 order is determined by the order in which they are listed in the site.ini.  Older versions of eZPublish (up to and include 4.2) would sort the extensions alphabetically if someone would edit them through the setup/extensions.  That "feature" caused a couple of headaches for me.

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Monday 25 July 2011 3:18:37 am

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