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The recommended way of using the ezfind and ezodf extensions on a server with multiple eZP installations is to have only one instance of Solr server and one instance of OO conversion server for all the eZP installations.

Running single instances of this servers for multiple eZP installations is not a problem if you have full access to your server, but if you happen to have many eZP installation in a limited virtual hosting environment, setting this two servers can be a little bit tricky. So here is how you'll do it...

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Nicolas Pastorino

Wednesday 05 January 2011 8:13:03 am

Brilliant Marko !

Well structured, properly documented, hot topic. All good, keep-up !
This could even turn into a tutorial, given the furnished content. Your call ;)


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Paul Borgermans

Monday 10 January 2011 9:57:20 am

A small comment on changing the port for Solr: its better to use a specific command line option "jetty.port" when using the jetty (bundled) servlet container. Of course you can also add this as a variable in your init script.

java -jar -Djetty.port=55555 start.jar



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Marko Žmak

Monday 17 January 2011 6:43:04 am

Paul, the purpose of this blogpost is to describe how to setup ezodf and solr daemons in a shared virtual host environment where you don't have root access.

And setting the solr port via the command line parameter requires you to change the startup script, and therefore whenever you want to change the port you have to ask the system admin to reinstall the modified script.

And this is contrary to the "spirit" of this post: to setup and maintain the daemons with a minimum of system admin intervention.

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