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As every 2 years, new words and fancy abbreviations pop up in our market. If you read reports, blog posts of specialists, it is all about Web Engagement (WEM) or Customer Engagement (CEM) which seem to become an additional layer on top of WCM or for some people even a substitute.
While it makes absolutely sense, it makes me wonder how a WCM vendor should think when it comes to strategically look ahead in terms of positioning and roadmap. Almost all WCM vendors today address that in a way already but what is next?


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Mutunga Mutua

Sunday 16 January 2011 3:31:36 am

Well you have a good point. Giving a consumer more than one way to buy something is the way forwards and is here to stay. I also think that web engagement (WEM) is is essential for business to boost their sales besides having better understanding of their consumers. Technology is changing and device driven content will shape the future of WCM and WEM.

Mutunga Mutua

Doug Brethower

Sunday 16 January 2011 4:48:45 pm

"positioning and roadmap"

"device driven content will shape the future of WCM and WEM"

Mobile shifts human interfaces to information-entertainment-communication technology into real time. Real time/time shifting simplifies everything about communication and data. It requires a re-thinking of the possibilities.

Standardizing interfaces across screen display sizes, three screen capable layout technology is IMHO at the forefront of the thinking. All media, data, and information from all channels merge into pure digital network to the extent that screen size is the prime consideration.

Users need one layout that makes sense for their ever bigger office desktop, another layout tailored to netbook/tablet size mobile work screens, another layout for the device that slips in their pocket.

Uniformity of the experience across all display sizes, familiarity by retaining the essence with only logical simplifications as the display size gets smaller makes sense to me.

Three screen user engagement-content management. It awaits a catchy acronym ;~}

Doug Brethower
Apple Certified Technical Consultant, Southwest, MO USA

Nicolas Pastorino

Monday 17 January 2011 2:41:11 am


Three screen user engagement-content management. It awaits a catchy acronym ;~}


GDUE : Gracefully Downsizeable User Experience ?

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