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Wednesday 29 July 2009 3:46:07 am - 3 replies

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In an eZ Publish site structure, there are often nodes that hold information shown as a part of the full view of a different, master node. Showing the full view of the former nodes themselves or getting them as search results is usually unwanted. This is common in forums and articles with comments. If you have worked on a large eZ Publish project, you have probably used such nodes without referring to them by a specific name. This article explains what we call “helper nodes” and also explores the template and content model issues involved, relating specifically to search results.

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Rashod Ollison

Friday 18 June 2010 7:24:12 am

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Gaetano Giunta

Friday 27 August 2010 5:01:02 am

Please see issue 17148 for why terminating execution from within a node/view/full override template might not be the best idea in the world (at least when using ezdfs).

I'd recommend to always use the persistent_variable to pass the url to the pagelayout template even for http redirects, and let the pagelayout template execute the redirect operator...

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Grenland Web (Jan Kudlicka)

Tuesday 31 August 2010 10:51:54 am

When this article was written using the redirect operator in node/view/full.tpl has been working perfectly.

However, as Gaetano Giunta mentions in the bug report, newer versions of eZ Publish use lock files when generating a cache file. Terminating the execution in the template code while generating a cache file causes that the lock file is not being removed and will block the next request to the same URL until the lock file has expired.

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