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Tuesday 05 January 2010 8:46:51 am - 2 replies


A new year never comes without good resolutions, and this applies to eZ: 3 brand new extensions were just released, waiting for you to try them out!

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zurgutt -

Tuesday 05 January 2010 6:56:37 pm

Very nice, this has been long anticipated :) Few first-glance comments:

Managed to install style editor. It would help if any documentation came with it. Meanwhile online docs are at

Install: ImageRepository could be set to something that works out of box instead of invalid node_id. Would setting it to Media/Images break something?

The point 5. in install instructions, inserting the code block

<span class="line">{if is_set( $display_styleeditor_visualtoolbar )} etc</span>

It is not enough to just put this anywhere in header section, YUI libraries that it needs are loaded very last in header, so good place to put it is in extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/templates/pagelayout.tpl, right after {include uri='design:page_head_script.tpl'} line

Point 7. , image alias is already defined in extension image.ini, why put it in siteaccess ini?

Editing: choose button in site style list popup does not seem to do anything.

No example site styles whatsoever coming with the extension? Harder to figure out how to use it this way. Is there a method to share created styles?

anyhow, interesting times :)

Certified eZ developer looking for projects.
zurgutt at

Paul Wilson

Wednesday 03 February 2010 9:37:20 pm


The ez style extension looks really useful, and a major step forward / value-add for eZ Publish overall. (Edit - I'll post functionality / install question elsewhere).

- Paul

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