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Sunday 17 October 2010 2:43:03 am - 2 replies


In the process of moving to a new server, we thought it was a good time to improve and clean it up a bit. Tell us what you think through this survey.

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Gaetano Giunta

Tuesday 19 October 2010 2:07:43 am

Ideas to sparkle off some discussion:

  • add phpdocumentor besides doxygen as documentation generating tool (and maybe other ones?)
  • let the log of the documentation building process be accessible via the web, so that it easy for everybody to see where the javadoc tags are out of sync with the actual code and fix it

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Wednesday 20 October 2010 2:56:27 am

I think it's a great idea to move the doxygen/phpDocumenter generated documentation to or even



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