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Welcome to eZ Future, the podcast that will keep you updated on the eZ Publish eco system.
From the latest releases reviewed right through to extensions and comments from the community.

In the show:

  • eZ Publish Community Version 2011.5 
  • eZ Training day March 2011 - London
  • Internet World - London eZ Publish in full effect
  • eZ Conference 
  • Community - latest contributions, interesting articles
  • Upcoming events - eZ Conference

Listen to it here:        

Hosts: Tony Wood, Manpreet Dhesi from 
Special guests Nicholas Pastorino, Bertrand Maugain

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Nicolas Pastorino

Friday 27 May 2011 3:43:01 am

Congrats for this new edition Tony & Manpreet ! The sound is indeed much better, the content is thorough, the fun remains.

@All : fire this podcast in background as you are working on eZ Publish, you'll get a sweet impression of hearing a BCC news report, with only live reporters, only on eZ Community, and much funnier than BBC news reports.

See you all in London, from the very beginning (the "Meet the speakers" event ) 'til the very end ! This edition promises to be the most memorable one, the all time high in awesomeness. The speakers line-up, the location, the venue....all ingredients are gathered. Register now ! There might also be another flash Twitter Sales in the coming days/weeks, just like this one. In order to not miss it, start following @ezcommunity, and scan for the #ezconf tag on Twitter, regularly.

Cheers !

Nicolas Pastorino
Director Community - eZ
Member of the Community Project Board

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Tony Wood

Friday 27 May 2011 7:55:38 am

Thank you for your kind words Nico. I love the BBC reference, very kind.

We would love to play mp3's from eZ Community members. So please send them in.

Tony Wood :
Vision with Technology
Experts in eZ Publish consulting & development

Power to the Editor!

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