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Wednesday 03 February 2010 4:58:51 am - 2 replies


eZ Publish 4.3 is getting closer, time to strengthen and coordinate our localization effort !

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Robin Muilwijk

Tuesday 09 February 2010 3:37:57 am

Hi Roland,

Quick question, do you need translations that are not yet available (in 4.2 etc), or is this a call to update existing translation so they work/match with the new 4.3 release?

Is Dutch covered yet?

Regards Robin

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Roland Benedetti

Tuesday 16 February 2010 8:35:49 am

Hi Robin,

Sorry for small delay in answering.

This is indeed for any translation work in the future.

Dutch is already there as you can see, and Nicolas created a forum for that one, but in anycase, this should be used for both existing and new language to include to eZ Publish package.



Roland Benedetti
eZ Systems, Product Management

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