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Monday 20 July 2009 3:26:14 am - 2 replies

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Whenever you read about design and HTML these days, you see references to so-called table-less CSS layout. This article covers how to use the power of CSS to theme eZ Publish 3.5. Here, we'll walk through every step required to create a new theme using CSS.

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Rooturaj Pattanaik

Wednesday 06 January 2010 11:29:02 am

Hmnn. yeah Tables are a thing of past. Every sane designer is using tableless structures these days. There are two things that get better with CSS based template without tables.

Accesibility improves. (for bots and data scrappers as well)
Page loading time decreased. (cuts out the table rendering time totally)

Sendo Lat

Thursday 25 February 2010 11:45:22 pm

css is more popular now!

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