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Monday 05 July 2010 2:53:03 am - 1 reply

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Here is the third part of a series of tutorials about eZ Find. At the end of this series, you will have been exposed all details on how it works, and be able to make an advanced usage, in various context, of this enterprise-grade search plug-in. This series will serve as a base for a talk on the subject at the eZ Conference 2010, in Berlin. As well as the Libre Software meeting.

Read the 1st and 2nd parts :

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Bayron Guevara

Saturday 04 September 2010 10:32:19 am

I think you make a mistake when you said that in this query:

attr_title_s:[A TO G]

The G character is excluded, when I see the documentation says that the square brackets are for inclusion and the curly brackets for range bounds exclusion.

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