Crazy Twitter Sales

The deal, in short

EDIT2 : The Sales is over now, but keep scanning #ezconf on Twitter, it might happen again :)

EDIT : Sales made 30 minutes longer, until 12:30 CET. GRAB THIS NOW !!

Discount Code : EZCTY

Discount : 40% (300EUR instead of 500EUR on the 2days + awards pass, for ex.)

Usage : Enter the code in the payment screen, after having filled-out & submitted this form (you will be redirected to Evenbrite, pick Ticket type, and enter discount code)

Validity : 26/05/2011, from 11:00am to 12:00am CET

Issue using the code ? Mail me : nfrp @ ez . no


The deal, long story

Hello there !

Want to join the eZ Conference, in London, 16th & 17th of June, right ? You have been hectically scanning the #ezconf hashtag on Twitter this morning, right ?


You know that :

  • Rasmus Lerdorf (@rasmus), creator of PHP, will be speaking,
  • Derick Rethans (@derickr), creator of XDebug and core member of the PHP community, will also be speaking,
  • Tobias Schlitt (@tobySen), also a PHP guru, will come to present the Apache Zeta Components,

right ?


You also know that Mobile channels & apps by Ɓukasz Serwatka (@lserwatka), SCRUM project management by Martin Bauer and eZ Find by Paul Borgermans (@paulborgermans) will be main ingredients of the 2011 recipe, don't you ?


Not even mentioning the impressive series of 10 flash-talks about eZ Flow expert tuning, eZ Publish going social, Mobile apps dev demo, Deployment tools, Content editors dashboard, Cloud hosting, Advanced Analytics, Varnish caching, amongst other...All details here :