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YMC AG, Switzerland

Your eZ Publish partner in Switzerland

YMC is focused on corporate multi-site CMS and Web 2.0 / Social Media Solutions. Based on eZ Publish, YMC offers an integrated software suite named Volano ®. Volano extends eZ Publish by (examples)

 * Workflow mechanisms to manage complex publishing processes
 * Automated Publication / depublication
 * Integration of Linux Virtual Server and DRBD to make a eZ publish cluster-ready and add high availability
 * Rich User Interfaces using JavaScript frameworks such as prototype / and the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI).

Volano is continously maintained and extended by YMC. No matter if the productive installation is run on the YMC cluster as SaaS or on own servers, every YMC client is continously served with updates, upgrades and new functionality, either adapted from an open source project, or developed by YMC.

Why use Volano?

Volano encompasses best practices, business expertise and a contributing community. Open source re-focuses our funds and management effort on product development, engineering and quality. The result is a better designed solution at lower costs compared to what closed source companies can provide.

Volano is completely customizable in every aspect possible and offers multiple deployment options based on your company needs, each of them reasonably priced. The technologically superior infrastructure of eZ publish provides a perfect basis for your company's investment into a web based infrastructure.

Customer Services

Volano goes beyond the hardware and software. It offers a committed solution provider who guarantees reliable and effective services. The implementation services deliver a variety of customizable Volano support options like ongoing maintenance, application customizations and data migration to deploy Volano more quickly and with less risk.

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YMC AG references (14)

SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. -

SOS-Kinderdorf is one of the largest independent children aid organisations in the world. More than 60.000 children live and learn in about 900 institutions in 132 countries.

For SOS-Kinderdorf Germany, eZ publish combined with Volano is used to run about 50 websites for press and fundraising purposes. All sites are edited in a central backend interface. Content is easily exchanged between single sites, images are stored in a shared media library. Numerous extensions, such as AJAX-driven image galleries, Google Maps integration, moderated discussions, a payment gateway, export to SAP and newsletter integration support the daily work of the organisation's brand management.

DRS Pirando

DRS Pirando -

DRS Pirando is a Swiss public radio station targeting children. The audience is encouraged to actively participate by joining the Pirando-Community.

YMC developed the website and implemented cutting-edge community features. Furthermore YMC guarantees high availabilty with a service level agreement and clustered hosting.
SF MyStage

SF MyStage -

SF myStage is the new user generated content portal by Swiss Television. Supervised by some editorial staff, myStage has established a vivid virtual meeting place for newcomer bands and their fans. Videos from the SF-internal video server are included, as well as Google maps integration and various functions for chatting and socializing.

SF myStage is one project of several that is built on the SF UGC platform project (user generated content). This is an integrated hardware-software concept that enables SF to run multiple UGC projects on the same code (YMC Volano based on eZ Publish).



ZEROTWONINE is an exclusive e-commerce club in the sector of luxury travel. Based an eZ publish backend functionality and publication workflow mechanisms previously developed for several news portals, a specialized editor's interface was built. It allows compilation of text and pictures into complex product presentations. Furthermore, there is a new feature called "trip designer", which offers custom travel configuration for groups (social planning & booking). A payment gateways is integrated, too. ZEROTWONINE runs on YMC Volano (based on eZ Publish).
SF Wahlen

SF Wahlen -

Swiss TV launched a website covering the parliamentary elections of Switzerland. The website offers a virtual political stock exhange, and a candidate database with voting recommendation. A flash charting component provides the editorial staff a rendering engine to present election results. The news production is supported by a differentiated editorial workflow. The system is connected to several databases providing the election results.

Development and guarantee for high availabilty by Young Media Concepts.

Kinderradio -

Kinderradio is a Swiss public radio station targeting children. The audience is encouraged to actively participate by joining the Kinderradio-Community.

Young Media Concepts developed the website and implemented cutting-edge community features. Furthermore YMC guarantees high availabilty with a service level agreement and clustered hosting.
Model United Nations

Model United Nations -

Model United Nations Baden-Württemberg (MUNBW) is a German United Nations simulation project. Every year students from schools in Germany meet in Stuttgart to perform this conference.
Development and hosting by Young Media Concepts.
Youmix - artists. places. friends.

Youmix - artists. places. friends. -

Youmix is a Web 2.0 social networking site for musicians and fans, featuring user profiles, friends, mp3s, photos, groups and forums. Youmix builds relationships by connecting artists and listeners. Using the embedded Flash player, site visitors can listen to music and watch videos uploaded by bands and can add songs to their personal playlist.

Youmix has shown exponential growth, both in the number of users and uploaded content (photos and mp3). The project has been widely featured in the German media, including several newspapers and TV stations. In May 2007, Youmix launched "Project Famous". Every band that successfully invites 5.000 people to the platform (directly or through a Flash widget provided by Youmix) gets funding for their first record. Youmix is financed through venture capital provided by several well-known German investors.

Youmix runs on YMC Volano, a 100% eZ publish compliant extension. It will form the basis for two other social networking startups that are expected to launch in 2007.

Seepeople -

Seepeople is the new cross-university communication and knowledge exchange plattform for over 20.000 students and about 4.000 staff of five universities in Southern Germany.

Seepeople features:
* Wiki functionality, covering all campus-relevant information, contained in 170 articles which have been revised over 650 times in the first month.
* Blogging capability, every user can establish his or her own Blog.
* A Wiki-enabled calendar
* Full RSS support, every node on the portal can be subscribed via RSS
* Social Networking, people can acknowledge each other as contacts, which provides access to contact information such as E-Mail address or telephone numbers.
VIRUS - Radio neuste Generation

VIRUS - Radio neuste Generation -

Virus latest generation radio is a Swiss public radio station targeting young people in the 15 to 24 age range. As an DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and cable channel VIRUS has a distribution handicap. The three state of the art webstreams on the VIRUS internet site are fast growing and increasingly important distribution vectors.
The new interactive internet site involves the listeners directly. Input from the audience is very welcome and discussed or played on the VIRUS radio program.
VIRUS has a small staff of 15 young radio professionals eager to develop new forms of modern radio integrating the new media.
Implementation: Successful teamwork between:

- Swissinfo/SRI Webfactory (Project lead and integration) & Swiss Satellite Radio
- eZ systems Norway and Germany
- DMD2 Digital Media Distribution (Switzerland)
- Young Media Concepts (Switzerland)
Swiss TV

Swiss TV -

Swiss Television is a part of seven enterprise units of the SRG SSR. Three of the seven television programs of the SRG SSR comes from SF: SF 1, SF two and SF info.

Swiss TV is the market leader in the German speaking part of Switzerland. They have reached this position due to the clear confession to content, which are relevant for Germany/Switzerland and its inhabitants. Swiss content regarding information, maintenance, culture and sport make SF singular and indispensable in relation to foreign competition.

The programs are created based on feedback from the audience. High reliability as well as high requirements in terms of quality are the basis for the success of Swiss TV.

1093 persons is employed by Swiss TV (2004), the transmission volume amount to 19,938 hours with market share at 34.5 per cent.

The editorial staff of the Swiss TV "Tagesschau" news site uses eZ publish since December.
Young Media Concepts

Young Media Concepts -

Corporate Website of official eZ partner Young Media Concepts.

Cocon -

Cocon is a real estate company based in munich. The project's goal was to establish the corporate website, which includes integration of the Immoscout API ( Immoscout is the largest real estate database in Germany / Austria / Switzerland. The customer can now have his offers directly importet from Immoscout and displayed on his website. Cocon runs on Volano Enterprise (
Nackt in Zürich

Nackt in Zürich -

Community solution for the subscribers of Swiss Mobilphone Novela "Nackt in Zürich", featuring:

- Registration validation via SMS
- User Blogs
- Shoutbox
- Image Gallery
- Wiki calendar
- Social Networking

Developed by Young Media Concepts, Switzerland.