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Wunderman, France

A propos de Wunderman
Créé en 1958, Wunderman, qui fait partie du groupe Young & Rubicam Brands est membre de WPP Group plc (depuis octobre 2000). C’est le 1er réseau mondial d’agences de marketing services : 120 bureaux dans le monde, 6000 collaborateurs, dont 120 en France avec comme principaux clients à l’international Microsoft, Nokia et Ford ; et en France Danone, Galeries Lafayette, Louis Pion, Grand optical, etc ...

Wunderman is the original architect of response-driven marketing, an estimated trillion dollar global industry. Today, with 50+ years of innovation, creativity, and insight, Wunderman stands as the first name in advertising that delivers measurable results. Throughout its network of 120+ offices in 50+ countries and 15+ specialized companies, Wunderman speaks the customer’s language—whatever the dialect—at the right time, creating profitable conversations that build brands and generate sales.

Wunderman references (6)

Danone & Vous

Danone & Vous -

Danone Dairy relationplatform aims at :
o Building and boost a daily and privileged relationship between Danone Dairy and his consumers
o Offering exclusive services and contents on Nutrition, and therefore on Health
o Enhance participation between Danone people and consumers.

This ambition can be found in each of the site’s topics :
o Danone Brands (discount voucher ,…)
o Danone Environnemental commitments
o Nutrition tools

The tools provided are practical and can be customized. Eg :
o Using subscribtion to editorial themes
o Knowing the quantity of discount vouchers in 2 clics
o Creating well balanced meals : Customize daily menu according to your family style and habits (the nutriplanner allows you to discover an expert tool to compose well-balanced menus in few seconds, …)

Last but not least, the stress is put on community tools to enhance participation whiles posting articles and comments on Danone Dairy products .
Des gestes pour demain

Des gestes pour demain -

The Danone web site communicating and relating on Danone’s engagement regarding environment issues, since 1971.
Grand Optical

Grand Optical -

The first step for the brand is to increase its visibility on the internet and to modernize its image. The new site is designed as a tool to prepare shopper’s visit and to increase closeness with consumers. The optician develops a CRM approach to follow and help shoppers select their glasses. The design of the site is pure and open to focus on the branded content and highlight the brand’s premium image.

The site offers a real experience to the user who can discover and flick through the online catalogue, before editing a wish list to facilitate the shopping trip. Thanks to an innovative tool, the lens coating simulator, the shopper can discover and understand the different coatings and treatments of lenses.Consumers are informed and inspired both by editorial content on design, fashion and optical technology and also, by pictures of GO clients shown with their glasses in a virtual Gallery. This will reinforce the objectives of proximity and modernity.

Bourjois -

Corporate Web site of the famous French brand to present the overall product catalog and the history of the brand. The web site is multi languages, and multi countries. The Bourjois web site has been deployed by Wunderman in France, England, Netherlands, and Coree. (, .uk, .nl,

victorinox-fragrances -

Victorinox, the well-known brand of Swiss knifes is launching its new product : a perfum. The Victorinox flagrance web site is a full e-commerce web site, presenting all the product range, dealing with many languages, countries, taxes and moneys. The web site is directly connected to the supply chain supplier managing the stocks.

myLG -

The mylg web site enables LG electronics to identify and to collect information on its customers, to start a relationship. Customers are invited to register their profil and all their purchases, selecting products within the LG electronics product catalog. A specific shedule of emails enables LG to maintain contact with these customers.