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Tanta Tecnologia y Comunicacion

Tanta Tecnologia y Comunicacion

Tanta Tecnologia y Comunicacion Julián Camarillo 26 28037 Madrid


mario.rozalen @

Phone: +34 914401040

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Tanta Tecnologia y Comunicacion , Spain

Tanta Comunicación was founded in 2001. Nowadays, it is a part of "Grupo OneTec" (a 100% Spanish Technology Group). Tanta main focus is that of providing services and solutions based on new technologies and e-marketing.

Tanta Tecnologia y Comunicacion references (32)

Fundación Confemetal

Fundación Confemetal -

Development of the Fundación Confemetal´s website of formative offer and publishing.

The page design was realized four years ago in order to offer information on courses and books that could interest to workers and other users. In this moment, Fundación Confemetal offers a new design in where highlights the simplicity and a more attractive format.

On the other hand, by changing the content manager the user will be able to buy books and to subscribe to the numerous courses that the foundation offers. Fundación Confemetal wants, with this new image, give a better service and offer a higher quality to the user.
Instituto Universitario de Posgrado

Instituto Universitario de Posgrado -

Redesign the Instituto Universitario de Posgrado´s website

Redesign the Instituto Universitario de Posgrado´s website, with a new information position and achieving the AA accessibility web level.
This new restyling is based on a new organisation of the contents, building a new structure in the website, with an actual design and more visual impact.

Among the project´s aims you can find a better position of the brand in its sector and the rate of conversion of users into commercial contacts.

Corporate Reputation Forum

Corporate Reputation Forum -

Corporate Reputation Forum´s Restyling

Redesign the Corporate Reputation Forum, in which there are companies such as Telefónica, BBVA, Repsol, Ferrovial, AGBAR, Iberia….

This new design has been focused on the new tendencies, changing the contents structure but keeping the compromise of accessibility to the web contents.

Segittur -

La Sociedad Estatal para la Gestión de la Innovación y las Tecnologías Turísticas, S.A. (The State Agency for the Management and Innovation of Tourism Tecnologies – SEGITTUR) is committed to becoming a hub of new technologies in the tourism sector.


Implementation of an RSS channel for updating.

Level AA (W3C) accessibility.

Content approval system (Workflow).

Features blogs, surveys and the ability to receive CV’s.
Hotel Satalaia

Hotel Satalaia -

Top notch rural hotel located on the slopes of the Sa Talaia (Ibiza) and belonging to the Fiesta hotel chain (Grupo de Empresas Matutes).


XML based integration of weather forecasting tool from TV•.

Developed in 5 languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian and German).
Ka Internacional Intranet

Ka Internacional Intranet -

Project was to develop the intranet for Ka International with restricted access for franchisees, clients and the media.

Section with copious materials which features downloading of high resolution photos.
Ka Internacional – Franquicias

Ka Internacional – Franquicias -

Company specialized in interior decorating. It is the second largest Spanish-based international franchise in the industry.

Website developed in 6 languages (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German).
Features private area for clients and suppliers which allows downloading of the catalogue.
Shop locator using Google Maps.

Promat -

National company specializing in passive systems and solutions for the prevention of fires. The website includes both company and product information.
Vincci Hoteles

Vincci Hoteles -

Luxury hotel chain with 4 and 5 star status and international presence. The company has locations in Spain, The USA and Tunisia.

Integration of modular newsletter.
Datatype integration of Google Maps application.
Integration of the reservation engine of the entire chain.

Elva -

Company dedicated to the electronics industry with several lines of business, from Electronic Systems Integration to vending products. The website offers information about the company, its services and products.

Knowsquare -

Online community dedicated to creating executive studies and reports, along with the application of these via member participation.

User-restricted private access module.
Gabinete Médico Velázquez

Gabinete Médico Velázquez -

Medical clinic located in Madrid, Spain with two centers. Specializing in gynecology and obstetrics, along with other areas such as: cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, neurology, geriatrics, ophthalmology, psychiatry, etc. The website offers information about the clinic, its services and medical professionals.

Online appointment booking.

Sobrecoches -

Automobile database featuring sections such as novelties, test runs, prototypes, etc.

Large volume of data. Contains more than 1,200 automobile archives grouped by brand, technical features and images.

Inserpact -

Local network dedicated to inclusion, equality and providing the best employment opportunities for those with the greatest difficulties.

Features private area with several functions such as blogs, expert question and answer, chats, etc.

Telsproject -

The transnational project TELS – Tackling Employment with Local Systems is being implemented since 2005 within the EQUAL Community Initiative and is co-financed by the European Social Fund. The website features resources (documentation and mailing addresses) for persons with difficulties finding employment.

Bilingual website (Spanish and English).

Hiperpol -

A national business dedicated to the distribution of construction materials.

Implementation of product catalogue and order form.
Comunicación 1

Comunicación 1 -

Company dedicated to developing marketing strategies and solutions for promotional media marketing. The website offers information about the company and its promotions and products.

Website created in two languages (Spanish and English).
Unión Profesional

Unión Profesional -

Unión Professional is an association created to regulate Spanish professional organizations. The website offers information about the association, its activities and members.

Hosts a private members section where users can form workgroups and use forums among other things.
Revista Profesiones

Revista Profesiones -

Online magazine forming part of the Unión Professional group, an association created to regulate Spanish professional organizations.

Integration of Google search tool which allows for searches on the web as well as in PDF archives.

E-Correduría -

E-CORREDURÍA is a subsidiary of Shopnet Brokers S.A., a conglomerate with two lines of business supported by two independent subsidiaries – E-CORREDURÍA, technology providers and SEGUROSBROKER, an insurance broker. The website offers information about the company’s software.

Allows Demos to be uploaded through the content manager.
Securitas España

Securitas España -

World leader in security. Securitas has become one the top private security firms in Spain.
Specializing in private security personnel, Securitas boasts a staff of more than 20,000 professionals. The website offers both and product information.

The website has “Schedule Job Interview” section.
Clínica Baviera

Clínica Baviera -

Clínica Baviera is a healthcare services center specializing in ophthalmology, laser eye procedures, and solutions to other visual problems. The clinic has many locations throughout Spain and is currently setting up shop in Italy with a new service center network. The website lets users get to know about vision, eye diseases, and the clinic.

Integration of clinic locations with Google Maps.
Website available in three languages (Spanish, English and Italian).
The user can “make an appointment”, “request information”, and “request a phone call”.
Fiesta Hotel Group (Empresas Matutes)

Fiesta Hotel Group (Empresas Matutes) -

Fiesta Hotel Group is an international chain of hotels with locations all over Spain, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Italy. The chain is part of the Empresas Matutes Group. The website lets users get to know about the installations, promotions, room availability and to book online.

Project dealt with a website with a large quantity of pages and content (Google had indexed more than 8,000 pages within two weeks of the completion of the site.)
Integration of hotels’ locations with Google Maps.
Integration of weather TV3 weather forecasting tool and reservation engine.
Site built in multiple languages (Spanish, Italian, English, French and German).
Ayre Hoteles (Empresas Matutes Group)

Ayre Hoteles (Empresas Matutes Group) -

Ayre Hoteles is a chain of urban hotels under the Grupo de Empresas Matutes umbrella. With 6 hotels in 5 different cities, Ayre offers a variety of services for traveling professionals (meetings, conventions, traveler incentives) and private functions (getaways, trips). The website lets users get to know about the installations, promotions, room availability and to book online.

Creation of administrator page for “tailoring” functions for each hotel. Utilization of eZ objects module in the “Talk to us” section. Integration of each hotel’s location with Google Maps.

Intermundial -

Development of transaction website for the sale of travel insurance. The website acts as an insurance broker with the goal of creating and developing products for the Spanish tourism sector. Follow-up projects include the European market. Current activities of the business include tourism, insurance, finance, and legal assistance.

Online contract system integration.
Círculo de Empresarios

Círculo de Empresarios -

Development of information based site with an editorial database for El Círculo de Empresarios. El Círculo’s primary objective is the study and promotion of businesses within the framework of the free market system.

Extranet for members with functions such as group coordination, forums, idea exchange, downloadable materials, etc.
Integration of modular newsletter.
Madrid Plataforma Logística

Madrid Plataforma Logística -

Development of multi-language website (including Chinese Mandarin) for Madrid Platforma Logística (MPL), an association with the goal of converting Madrid into the largest logistic platform in Southern Europe, with connections with North Africa and Iberoamerica.

Extranet for partners with several functions including workgroup coordination, forums, idea exchange, downloadable and uploadable material, etc.
Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque

Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque -

The Bahía del Duque is part of the Sol Meliá hotel chain. The luxurious 5-star hotel’s website lets users get to know about the installations, promotions, room availability and to book online.

Sol Meliá reservation engine integration.
TV3 meteorological service integration.
La Aventura de Ser Madre

La Aventura de Ser Madre -

Monthly registered newsletter website for women who are pregnant or have children under the age of two. The newsletter contains information on pregnancy and childrearing.

Targeted product catalogue with e-commerce carried out by El Corte Inglés

Sostenibilidad -

Website created for Acciona to promote their commitment to and support for the sustainability of the environment. The site looks for solutions to environmental problems through user opinions and experiences, blogs and proposals. In addition the website boasts user contests, electronic bulletins, etc.

“Don’t stay quiet” section where users can post their opinions.
Fútbol de la casa

Fútbol de la casa -

Portal that brings together news, competition schedules, newsletters, slideshows, videos, forums and blogs from football experts at the national and international levels.

Full integration of video streaming with the objective of broadcasting live matches.

Dimora -

National real estate agency belonging to the Nozar real estate group. The website offers information both about the company and its real properties.

Includes administrator’s features for promotion microsite creation.
Utilizing Datatypes, accepts and processes employment offers and CV’s.