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Swissinfo/SRI Webfactory

Swissinfo/SRI Webfactory

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Swissinfo/SRI Webfactory , Switzerland

Factsheet swissinfo/SRI Webfactory

The Webfactory has been a profit centre within swissinfo/SRI, a unit of the Swiss Broadcasting Company (SBC) since 2003 and acts as its national centre of competence for multimedia-related issues - internet, intranet and DVDs.

40% of customers come from within SBC, 60% are external customers. One of the major customers is Presence Switzerland (PRS); products produced for PRS include a regular series of DVDs as well as the maintenance of a multilanguage web portal.

The Webfactory team consists of 15 people who come from different professional areas and have sound knowledge in areas such as IT consulting, project management, software development/programming, publishing, design, marketing/public relations (with a focus on online marketing) as well as in journalism.

The Webfactory produces and maintains multilingual, content- and information-focussed webportals and offers newsletter services and DVD production as well as print productions for customers who need an integrated communication package based on multimedia platforms.

Internet + Newsletter Websites im Auftrag der SRG SSR: Websites im Auftrag von externen Kunden:
Produktion des Newsletter für die „Location Switzerland“ Websites der
Schweizer Botschaft in Washington: directorates China und Japan
“Let’s Switzerland surprise you“

DVD-Produktionen Multimediale DVD Reihe für Präsenz Schweiz:
- Environmental Protection in Switzerland
- Direct Democracy in Switzerland
- Customs & Traditions in Switzerland
- Education, Research & Innovation in Switzerland
- Innovation in Switzerland
- Water, a swiss perspective
- Switzerland in Pictures
- 300 years of St. Petersburg
- Architecture in Switzerland
DVD im Auftrag der UN Commission on Human Rights: The Pain of Others

- Faltposter "Switzerland in its diversity" in 17 Sprachen
- Geschäftsbericht swissinfo/SRI
- Diverses Marketingmaterial für
- Präsentationsunterlagen für Schweizer Botschafterinnen und Botschafter
- Handbuch "Direkte Demokratie"

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VIRUS - Radio neuste Generation

VIRUS - Radio neuste Generation -

Virus latest generation radio is a Swiss public radio station targeting young people in the 15 to 24 age range. As an DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and cable channel VIRUS has a distribution handicap. The three state of the art webstreams on the VIRUS internet site are fast growing and increasingly important distribution vectors.
The new interactive internet site involves the listeners directly. Input from the audience is very welcome and discussed or played on the VIRUS radio program.
VIRUS has a small staff of 15 young radio professionals eager to develop new forms of modern radio integrating the new media.
Implementation: Successful teamwork between:

- Swissinfo/SRI Webfactory (Project lead and integration) & Swiss Satellite Radio
- eZ systems Norway and Germany
- DMD2 Digital Media Distribution (Switzerland)
- Young Media Concepts (Switzerland)