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SQLi , France

Created in 1990, SQLI is specialized in the design and the implementation of information systems resting on new technologies.

SQLI is organised into local agencies to ensure maximum reactivity in responding to customers' needs. By factoring the concerns of the regional economic fabric into its very structure, SQLI offers a tailor-made approach to the specific stakes at issue for businesses.

SQLI consists of eight agencies in France grouping together 10 sites (Aix en Provence, Bordeaux, Dijon, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Rouen, Strasbourg and Toulouse), 1 agency in Switzerland containing 2 sites (Geneva and Lausanne), and 1 agency in Morocco containing 2 sites (Casablanca and Rabat).

SQLi references (24)

SQLI Group website

SQLI Group website -

Groupe SQLI was created in 1990 and is the leading French specialised ITC service company.
Its positioning as a large specialist is unique in France and allows it to propose a global offer that links an international group's industrial production ability to the expertise and flexibility of a specialist and means it can add value to the innovations of the companies it works with.
The website provides information and articles about the group, our customers, our offers, links to our IT blogs and news about the recent websites we've done and all related activities.
Alcyon customer website

Alcyon customer website -

Alcyon helps veterinaries by delivering products and services they need for their business.
The website of the company is the place where the customers can search and find a full description of the products and order them using the e-commerce module of eZ Publish.
They can also manage the contracts with their suppliers using the "Optiweb" module, and find information on trainings provided by Alcyon.
Vigilance - Danone Crisis Managment Extranet

Vigilance - Danone Crisis Managment Extranet -

This is an extranet and a document management application that provides many information necessary for crisis management at Danone company. The application includes a persons directory and an Ajax file manager.

Kiloutou -

Founded in 1980, Kiloutou is the french reference on rental equipment services for professionals of all sizes and open to individuals.

Kiloutou offers a wide range of almost 1 000 products. All these products can be booked online using the new eZ Publish website.

To be closer to its customers, Kiloutou has a network of over 270 agencies and the Google map module we developped helps customers finding the nearest agency.

French Food And Beverages / France Agroalimentaire

French Food And Beverages / France Agroalimentaire -

A portal for french exporting companies, available in english and french.
Includes a companies directory with a search engine, an events calendar in both english and french, and links to localized websites for the UK, USA, Russia, Italy, China, Japan, and more to come. The site also includes the eZNewsletter official extension and sends thousand of emails every month. -

This website is the portail of tourisme in France. There is 3 main parts : events in France, directory of all "Office de Tourisme", and magazine with a lot of reports. A big success, with 1,5 millions visits per month. The next version of the website will distinct night and day events/reports, including the design!
e senior

e senior -

The site e-senior is a portal for the Caisse des depots. The goal is to provide services in trademark white for councils, communities.
Users will have the latest forms to facilitate their administrative procedures with local authorities and take advantage of geolocation to find local services

Girophorm -

Girophorm, "pharmacists school", provides to the pharmacists and their colleagues a large range of modules of training specific to their job. GirophOrm is a subsidiary of the GirophArm company, a french distributor of pharmaceutical products supplying more than a thousand pharmacies.
Viva Corsica

Viva Corsica - is the website of tourist information about Corsica published by the Corsica Ferries company. Very complete, the website offers varied contents and services : multiple online booking engines (for villas, cars, ferries, planes...), online shopping for local products, columns dedicated to holiday guides, etc. Resolutely turned towards Web 2.0, gives people multiple useful features and ergonomic design that ease readability and interactivity.
Extranet Gendarmerie Nationale

Extranet Gendarmerie Nationale -

Gendcom is the extranet of communication to the staffs of the french Gendarmerie (Police).
Launched on October 2007, Gendcom registers 42 000 subscribers.
The new version includes in other one community approach with forum, chat, polls, ads and a documentation base.
FF Gym

FF Gym -

The corporate website of the French Gymnastics Federation has been completely rebuilt on eZ Publish. It now provides comprehensive information on french gymnastics, the federation and sports news. Extranet applications for federation's members are also available.
UGECAM Rhône-Alpes

UGECAM Rhône-Alpes -

UGECAM Rhône-Alpes is a private company which manages medical centers for the french medical system.
Editions Delcourt

Editions Delcourt -

Editions Delcourt is a well-know french comics editor. It publishes several comics in France.
EA Pharma

EA Pharma -

EA-Pharma, laboratory of nutrithérapie and oligothérapie situated to Sophia Antipolis, has entrusted to SQLI a first budget for the realization of an institutional site and a Webshop with eZ-Publish (The online payment is based on Cybermut).
French Energy Regulation Committee

French Energy Regulation Committee -

The market of the energy is in the course of opening for the competition. The Energy Regulation Committee (CRE) is in charge of manage the energy markets.

To do it, it used to work with various tools like (event – blog – polls …). This information web site provides documents and tools to the customers (compagny or private peoples) as energy suppliers themselves.

CanalTP -

Canal TP is specialized in the development of travelers information applications for the public network and is leading on the markets of the Itinerary calculator tools in France.

Canal TP is a company of the group SNCF (EFFIA - Keolis).

The goal of this project consists in coupling the management of contents eZPublish with the engine Navitia and with googlemaps.
Now, this project is an commercial offer and is aimed to urban communities and regions of France.
Training centers Renault Trucks

Training centers Renault Trucks -

Renault Trucks, major actor of the truck industry.
This site is for the communication on training centers Renault Trucks.
* 3 sub sites / 3 languages
* Ergonomic et graphic integration
CNP Download Place

CNP Download Place -

CNP Inssurance gave these brokers an Intranet of management of reference tools (simulators Excel) This project bases essentially back office eZPublish 3.8.

The main ezPublish feature use for this projects is focused on the user rights configuration (for editing and publishing somes types of contents - upload spécific file in specific location …).

To personalize its approach, CNP wished to implement of an intelligent parameter settings to able a manager to create a new mini-site in few minutes.


CNP Insurances creates “CNP Services à la Personne”, the national approch of convenience services with which the mission is to help the persons and to facilitate them the life in everyday life. It offers relaying on Checks Emploi-Service Universel ( CESU).

Sqli has used eZ Publish 3.8 to create quickly this site and give a new media so that the CNP quickly communicates on this new offer

Advantages of ezPublish on this project
* Out of box content management system
* PDF Generation
* Contact platform based on information collectors
Senior Vie

Senior Vie -

The CNP launches a portal dedicated to seniors and to presentation of its products in the field of the pension, of the insurance, of the foresight, of the holdings, etc.

The concept of this new site wants "original and innovative" bacause it is based on a social role (Personna). Leaning on concrete examples, it presents situations of life and personalized solutions to the questions of the Internet users (protection – family – pension - the organization of their succession …).

The technical objective of this realization is of reversed forecast eZPublish 3.9 with Java services to score the user profile. This project also includes rich content management, approved workflows, XML export and of statistic compilation.
Asia Victoria Hotels

Asia Victoria Hotels -

The Victoria Hotels & Resorts are owned by French investment company E.E.M. (Electricité et Eaux de Madagascar;

You are now online with the Victoria Hotels & Resorts (Victoria Vietnam Group) corporate website and ou able to book a travel in luxury hotels in Asia.

The site based on eZPublish 3.8 is a pure multilingual application coupled with a booking software called Myfidelio.
Paris turf

Paris turf -

Paris turf is the online version of well know french newspaper which is dedicated to horse racing betting.
Private outlet

Private outlet -

Private outlet is the first european shopping private club.
Private outlet sell online products with 70% discount on well known brands.
Saintbel en lyonnais

Saintbel en lyonnais -

Sainbel en lyonais is a group a 120 wine fabricants, with 10 employees.