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Seeds Consulting

Seeds Consulting

Maridalsveien 91

0461 Oslo


Phone: (+47) 952 22 605

  • Community Partner

Seeds Consulting, Norway

Seeds Consulting is a technological independent consultancy company where focus is that first you find the best way to solve a problem and then pick a tool based on that. We do technical integrations, project management and implementation of mainly large web solutions.

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ElleGirl one of Hachette Filipacchi Media's fashion magazines. ElleGirl is made for a younger audience than Elle and is a strictly online magazine that covers fashion, beauty tips, celebrities, games and a large community section.

The solution is made in eZ Publish with integration to Lithium, LDAP, Akamai and other external content providers. It has also caused several improvements in eZ Publish's cluster handling.

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Standpunkt is a site Damm has made as a supplement to the books they publish for students in social studies.
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Egmont Kids is a publishing agency focusing on books for kids. Their portfolio contains distribution of both books by Disney and other popular series for kids in Scandinavia. The site do automatic import of all books from external systems and export of both orders on books and subscriptions to book clubs to an external order system.
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Borgestad Marina is a company handling winter storage and maintenance of boats.
Seeds Consulting

Seeds Consulting -

Seeds Consulting is a Norwegian consultancy company and an eZ publish partner.

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Across is a website dedicated to Damm's aimed at students at Norwegian high schools studying English

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Arbeidsrett is a site dedicated to the new law concerning rights for the workers in Norway.

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Dammskolen contains lots of exercises used as an addition to the school books published by N.W. Damm & Søn AS.

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Vagabond is a magazine about traveling distributed by N.W. Damm & Søn AS in Norway.

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The Directorate of Fisheries’ shall promote profitable economic activity through sustainable and user-oriented management of marine resources and the marine environment.