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Quiqcorp Limited

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Quiqcorp Limited, New Zealand

Quiqcorp specialises in design and development.

Founded through a merger of several web, media and print companies, Quiqcorp is a leading eZ Publish development, training and consulting firm throughout the Asia Pacific and South East Asia regions.

With a focus on eZ Publish solutions and integration we partner with other industry leading organisations to provide marketing, advertising and multimedia expertise in order to deliver high-value, high-return projects.

Quiqcorp has recently announced a suite of new services for eZ Publish partners as well as business and corporate users.

We have experience and know-how in product design, graphic design, web design and all the associated development, and or manufacturing required to take on projects at any stage in the process. This includes retail and merchandising display, brand management, wayfinding signage systems, and the design and development of custom extranets to keep you in contact with your client base. We work with a diverse range of industries covering not-for-profit and Government organisations, professional services, trade and industry, arts and entertainment, goods and retail, food and beverage, information technology, travel, real estate and publishing.

Quiqhost - Quiqhost provides scalable and reliable web hosting specifically tuned and managed for eZ Publish deployments. Work with our expert consulting team to build the best infrastructure to support your project.

Contact us today, or fill out our client worksheet and receive a proposal within a week.

Quiqcorp Limited
+64 3 341 7692 (New Zealand)

Quiqcorp Limited references (24)

Michael Peters Estates

Michael Peters Estates -

"My name is Michael Peters, German, I live in Lanzarote, that is about 13 hours before NZ, Lanzarote is a small island in the Canary Islands that belong politically to Spain, but is really close to the African cost with a exceptional climate and landscape. I have been living on Lanzarote for 14 years, working for a large Real Estate brokerage, and then as the director for that business for the last 10 years.

At the start of 2010 I decided to set up my own business MICHAEL PETERS ESTATES on Lanzarote, where I will serve as the founding partner and managing director. I was therefore interested to find a reliable and professional business partner with capabilities to assist my plans to create a new striking corporate identity which will empower the business and reflect a professional image of my new venture.

Late in 2009, I contacted Mike Coker at Quiqcorp, whom after some research and a quick discussion, I discovered that he was true to his knowledge and skills across design and web development, and I contracted the services of Quiqcorp. Since then Mike has successfully advised and executed my plans and met targets set for the development of my new business set up.

Mike created a fantastic and easy to manage website and not to forget his input in the process of developing the MICHAEL PETERS ESTATES logo type to start with. The entire work with Mike was perfectly organised and on schedule, certainly a project with a kind of 'wellness' effect - I would absolutely recommend contacting Quiqcorp to deliver on projects of importance.

The start up package and the support I have received was custom made and flexible, every detail was considered and the easy to use content management allows me now to keep the website up to date. Mike introduced and trained me into the eZ Publish for my website, this system was also already customised to my requirements and ready to use. Quiqcorp also provides a hosting service and e-mail for my organisation." - Michael Peters
Forum 8 Help Authoring Tool

Forum 8 Help Authoring Tool -

Forum 8 worked closely with Quiqcorp on the development of a new help authoring tool to assist in the documentation of their software products across multiple languages. Adopting eZ Publish as an expert tool for managing multilingual content, Quiqcorp further expanded and added to eZ Publish functionality including CHM, PDF and HTML exports of content items, custom compiling schedules, object states, custom interfaces/panes and many more.
Calibration Solutions Extranet

Calibration Solutions Extranet -

Calibration Solutions has worked closely with Quiqcorp to achieve an online certificate generation system that meets the requirements of IANZ accreditation.

This system allows Calibration Solutions to manage customer data such as locations, company information, equipment, locations, calibration certificates and user profiles whilst being able to produce reports and automatically generate PDF copies of certificates so that customers may access them through the secure extranet area.
Anglican Life

Anglican Life -

The Anglican Diocese of Christchurch approached Quiqcorp to redevelop their network of sites starting with the newly launched Anglican Life site.

As a collaboration and major entry point into further Anglican sites the website will continue to evolve and grow throughout 2009 as additional sites and phases are deployed.
Carbon Art Surf

Carbon Art Surf -

Carbon Art Surf, the surf side of the ever-popular Carbon Art sports brand chose to redevelop their surf website on eZ Publish in a clustered environment with their other sites to simply the management and maintenance of their online presence.
Carbon Art Windsurf

Carbon Art Windsurf -

Carbon Art is all about boards that enable you to be the very best you can be. The company is based on our passion for surfing and our commitment to performance and the pursuit of the ultimate surfing experience.

Carbon Art chose Quiqcorp to deliver a their new site on eZ Publish to ease content management and ecommerce across multiple languages and simplify their administration of their online sales presence.

Sezn Restaurant and Bar -

Welcome to sezn, Christchurch's most unique dining destination.

Sezn approached Quiqcorp to provide a unique graphic and web identity for their restaurant in Christchurch. Built on eZ Publish 4.0 and allowing the staff to update the site with their latest menus and blogs has simplified and streamlined the web presence for this popular restaurant.
KIK Design

KIK Design -

KIK Design, a small graphic design and print media company based in Christchurch, New Zealand, approached Quiqcorp to provide eZ Publish consulting and template development for the launch of the KIK Design site.
ChristChurch Cathedral

ChristChurch Cathedral -

The ChristChurch Cathedral website provides an insight into one of New Zealand's most popular and historic icons. A nationally and internationally acknowledged symbol of Christchurch, engaging with the issues of the world.

Quiqcorp undertook the redesign and development of the ChristChurch Cathedral website in consultation with the marketing manager to ensure that the new site provided the flexibility and functionality required to meet the increasing needs of the staff and visitors.

This site is based on eZ Publish 4.0 with custom webshop and enhanced calendar features.
Anglican Taonga

Anglican Taonga -

The Anglican Taonga magazine approached Quiqcorp to assist in taking their magazine articles online to the greater Anglican community. Through the use of eZ Publish it has been possible to build out a site maintained internally by the content editors at Anglican Taonga, empowering them to publish news and articles as they occur within the Anglican Church.

This site launched in June 2008 and has been well received by the wider Anglican community as a positive step forward for Anglican websites.

Quiqcorp -

Quiqcorp Limited offers business, creative, and content management solutions that enable the world to share ideas and information. Quiqcorp services Government, enterprise, small-medium business and not-for-profit organisations, as well as partnering with designers and developers worldwide.

During 2007 Quiqcorp acquired Redhaus Typo-Graphics Ltd, Ecactive Pty Ltd (an eZ Partner) and Flying-Image Ltd to further compliment and increase service offerings.

Quiqcorp currently has corporate headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand, with development and support offices in Adelaide, Australia. Further expansion is expected throughout 2008/09 as services extend into South-East Asia. Roaming sales staff and partners exist in most major countries.

Quiqcorp comprises of several subsidiary companies offering services such as: graphic identity & marketing, content management / web development, enterprise eZ Publish hosting, secure hosted email services, website analytics, website auditing, wholesale sms gateway, search engine optimisation, near continuous backup services and secure identity control.

an eloquent nightmare

an eloquent nightmare -

an eloquent nightmare is a look at everything from the IT industry through to eZ Publish articles, and more presented in blog format by ecactive principle Andrew Duck.

With over 15 years experience in the industry this site provides rants and raves about different technology platforms and interesting projects Andrew is currently working on.
Nine Red Sticks Studio

Nine Red Sticks Studio -

Nine Red Sticks Studio.

Private artist and creative director Mike Coker was looking for a place on the web to present and show his blog, writings, thoughts, artworks and more in a non-formal setting.

This blog and related site is based on eZ Publish 3.10 and developed by eZ Publish Partner ecactive.
Spesh Ltd

Spesh Ltd -

Spesh is a West Auckland based business providing gift hampers across all of New Zealand.

Initially based on eZ Publish 3.9, Spesh has utilised the Webshop functionality to accept orders through the website utilising the paypal payment option.

This site was developed and designed by ecactive.
Godley Gifts

Godley Gifts -

Godley Gifts consists of three small volumes, each printed on a beautiful high-quality, Italian paper, handsewn and quarterbound in moroccan calfskin. The exquisite reproductions of all FitzGerald's watercolours, here, have the same dimensions as the originals. Only one hundred Limited Edition copies of Godley Gifts will ever be produced, each hand dedicated by the Rt. Hon. The Lord Kilbracken of Killegar, great-great grandson of John Robert Godley, founder of Canterbury.
Redhaus Typo-Graphics Ltd

Redhaus Typo-Graphics Ltd -

Image is important to Redhaus as they are leaders in the field of graphic design and marketing. They approached ecactive as we are also leaders in our field.

"Brand positioning is very important to Redhaus and we are very pleased with the solution and ultimate results provided by ecactive." - Krys Kristufek, General Manager.

When Redhaus was looking to redesign their web site they were looking for a company that had the experience to position them ahead of the market. Ecactive was equal to the task and Redhaus are pleased with the result.
Gaastra Wind & Surf

Gaastra Wind & Surf -

Beginning in 1897, a young Dutch sailmaker, Douwe Gaastra became known for his fine cotton sails. In order to distinguish his products from imitators, he embroidered the outline of the castle-like gate over his hometown canals on all his work.

The Gaastra Castle soon became recognised as a mark of quality. The elegant and simplicity in design, the finest materials, and the highest levels of craftsmanship guaranteed the company's survival through wars and depression.

Today we hold to the very same standards. Gaastra has its place in history and is here today because we listen to you. We build products created by windsurfers for windsurfers. Nothing less! Gaastra's long tradition of quality, design excellence, and performance is now enhanced by the expertise of Sail Designer Dan Kaseler.

When Gaastra was looking to expand their online presence and improve functionality, they turned to ecactive to provide them with a solution that was as modern as their 2007 range of sails. Through the re-engineering of Gaastra's web site we have enabled community interaction, greater social development, enhanced product display and furthered the syndication of content.

Additionally, throughout the latest round of upgrades International Riders have the ability to modify their profiles as well as posting blogs and related information.

Being viewed by fans all over the world, this high traffic site needs to be fast and reliable. The fusion of eZ publish and ecactive has exceeded Gaastra's expectations and has empowered their users.
Gaastra Kites

Gaastra Kites -

Gaastra Kiteboarding has come up with a complete new kite range for 2007. Development is going fast in the sport so Gaastra Kites have had to make sure that their web site reflects their attitude and performance in the market, exceeding the expectations of the kite world.
Tabou Boards

Tabou Boards -

Tabou is an international manufacturer of windsurfing and surf boards that wanted to move away from a purely static web site. Since moving to ecactive we have been able to provide Tabou with a solution that will enable them to update their product range at will.

Impressed with their new online solution Tabou are already planning future enhancements to their site with an aggressive approach to the 2007/2008 seasons.

Mannaworld -

Mannaworld delivers cutting-edge information regarding the ongoing development and discoveries surrounding glyconutrients.

Included within the site is members only areas as well as the online purchasing of related products.
Gaastra and Tabou Community

Gaastra and Tabou Community -

The Gaastra and Tabou Community website is a new addition to the Gaastra web portfolio. Developed by leading firm ecactive, the site includes newly skinned forums, archived forum topics via rss from the legacy xaraya system and wallpaper downloads.

In coming weeks the site will continue to launch new features including user submitted photo galleries and video uploads along with blogs for international team riders.

"Thanks to the flexibility in eZ publish we overcame issues with integrating legacy applications and found that user migration to eZ publish was much easier than first anticipated." - Andrew Duck, Exec Director, ecactive pty ltd.

Jonny Schwass -

Jonny Schwass is a leading New Zealand chef and captain of the New Zealand Culinary Team. is a new website providing Jonny with an additional channel for communication and advertising his ventures.

With the recent successful launch of his newest restaurant, sezn, there will be further enhancements to the site to allow online booking and interactive browsing of the menus.

Calibration Solutions -

Calibration Solutions Ltd is an IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) accredited temperature calibration laboratory established in February 2002 to specialise in providing calibration and validation services to the food, beverage, medical and manufacturing industries.

ecactive has deployed a new website for Calibration Solutions based on the eZ Publish system. With further upgrades to the site already in the pipeline we look forward to further exciting developments in 2007.

ecactive -

Established in early 2006, ecactive is a niche web-services provider that focuses its energy and business development expertise delivering technologies, products and services that our clients and partners can build on and grow with.