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84 rue bellecombe

69006 Lyon


Phone: 0667292997

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Publish-it , France

Publish-it is a French IT company specialised in ezpublish integration. We provide best practices thanks to our professional experts who have full knowledge in ez publish technology.

Publish-it est une agence web spécialisée dans l'intégration du cms ezpublish. Nos experts certifiés ezpublish vous apportent le meilleur de cette technologie.

Publish-it references (9)

Zenaba V3

Zenaba V3 -

Release of Zenaba website ( French leader website about black beauty ) on ezp 4.1 , full eZ Publish integration.
A good exemple of what eZpublish allows to do in short time. To sum up:

- Webzine
- Community tools (album, blogs, forum, testimony, interview, surveys, movies, recipes, articles, ezpublish chat integration)
- Private member space linked to shop orders with free and advanced messaging system, create area, friends, friend notifications like facebook and more...
- Ez shop customised
- Review ajax system, popularity system, most viewed
- Announces area
- Calendar
- a unique classification by type/class and by category for better use by internet user
Averroes Project

Averroes Project -

Website developped under eZ v4 in order to present the HUMA network which goal is to facilitate access to health care for undocumented migrants and asylum seekers. This network is constituted by 11 NGO members and is managed by Medecins du Monde France.
Annuaire beauté

Annuaire beauté - is a French beauty directory realised with eZ Publish 4 .
cfa utec

cfa utec -

CFA utec provides news and information about jobs, diplomes and carrer to help young people choosing formation. Website diplays also information about corresponding schools.

cooperteam -

Full redesign of cooperteam website with ezpublish 4.01, new us version added. Website is presenting company products, Cooperteam is a software publisher, specialized in solutions which focus on the management of corporate messaging systems and groupware
Place des métiers

Place des métiers -

The "Place des metiers" site is a huge plateform in Sein et Marne (France) that provides free public information about jobs: how to find a job, job orientation and carreer evolvement.

It contains eZ Publish newsletter, flash map and dynamic agenda. People can subscribe online to different actions.
Abc cours particuliers

Abc cours particuliers -

Website dedicated to lessons home in Rhônes-alpes region (france) for specific levels: Elementary -college school. This webiste contains 5 sub-domains related to specific agencies.

Zenaba -

Zenaba is a portail and e-commerce website for black girls.

the website offers a wide range of articles, wikis, videos (internal and external), a forum , blogs, albums, a minichat, surveys.
Members can compare products, hairdresser, store, restaurants related to black community with the comparator.
All these features are made with ezpublish.


Publish-it -

Website of French Web agency Publish-It (Lyon city) specialised in integration of cms ezpublish. This new ezp4 version incorporates blog and articles comments.