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Frednesbakken 46

3933 Porsgrunn


Phone: 47 35 55 19 19

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Onezero, Norway

We're a tiny design agency with three employees in Porsgrunn, Norway. We work with Graphic Design, Identity work, Editorial design, Illustration and some interactive work as well. We have a tight relationship with the norwegian advertising industry - and get much of our work from advertising agencies.

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HRL is a rather big realestate/construction group located in Norway. They have more employees than you have ancestors (that are`nt monkeys).

We`re revitalized their designprofile - and of some reason we started with this webpage. Watch out for the nice focus-effect in the topbanners, its all analogue baby!
Lytt Løft

Lytt Løft -

Lytt Løft is a tiny norwegian company with big ambitions, they have a one of a kind concept (atleast we`ve never heard of it before) - to make people work better/faster and by being more satisfied and happy with themselves.

We recently made their new logo and identitydesign, and also designed this very very simple videoblogg-website based on ez publish.

We strongly recommend everybody to check out the videos.

onezero designbureau

onezero designbureau -

onezero is a tiny designagency in rural Norway (together with ez systems), we work with some small and some big clients - doing identity and interactive design.

Recently we released our new website. It is supereasy and basicly have no sublevels - just the frontpage combined with some ajax magic.

Vekst i Grenland

Vekst i Grenland -

This website was made for a company established to promote innovation and growth within the region of Grenland, Norway. (where amongst other - ez systems are located).

We`ve made the logo and identity as well for this company.

Grenland Data did the technical job of integrating our design into ez.