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Netmaking AS

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Netmaking AS, Norway

Netmaking AS a Norwegian, eZ Publish certified web development company specialicing in e-commerce and cost-effective web solutions built upon the eZ Publish platform.

We started working with eZ Publish in early 2003 and have, since then, developed web shops, web sites, intranets, extranets and custom web solutions upon this versatile platform.We also have extensive experiene in hosting eZ Publish installations and extension development in order to add functionality or tie eZ Publish together with external IT systems.

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NM Quote

NM Quote -

The sales site for the web based quote software NM Quote. The site features integration with the software isself, allowing visitors to register a free trial account at the web site.

"NM Quote is the flexible web based quotation software that lets your team efficiently produce, amend, send and track complex quotations and estimates at the click of a button."

Confex -

Development and hosting of an online course application and registration system based on eZ Publish.

As Scandinavia's leading provider of open courses and conferences to professional organisations, Confex use the internet actively in their sales and marketing – so the requirements for their new online solution were specific and well thought through.

The requirements included:
- Integration of Confex's own administration systems for courses and subjects as well as their CRM database
- A comprehensive and dynamic course registration process with management of the different discount rules, such as “Early Bird” deals, every Xth booking free, etc.
- Course search with filters and immediate search results (AJAX)
- A shared platform for use across Confex Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Germany with varying requirements for design, language and functionality

Netmaking was able to precisely follow Confex's guidelines and to actively take part in developing the details of the portal's functionalities.

“Compared to previous suppliers, both for web and other services, Netmaking has exceeded our expectations. They have been proactive partners throughout the process and have asked important questions from the moment we sent them the brief. Our queries and comments were always followed up and answered quickly.”
- Ricky Sookermany, E-Marketing Manager
Teknologisk Institutt

Teknologisk Institutt -

Design, development and hosting of a web solution based on eZ Publish.

Scandinavia's Technological Institute (TI – Teknologisk Institutt) has over 200 employees across 3 different countries, offering technological competency and product development for both public and private sectors.

Until now TI has communicated primarily using paper. We were therefore given a relatively free hand in developing a new web design for them. The client wanted the web design to reflect their focus on technology and knowledge, as well as conveying reliability and quality.

In close collaboration with TI's project and design manager, we worked towards a solution that integrated the company's colours and logo into a new design. TI had given specifications for the site and wireframes for which type of pages should be created, making the process more streamlined.

Having worked on projects which, like this one, required the end product to function in several countries, we made sure that this was achievable right from the start. eZ Publish allows extensive flexibility in the set up of publishing solutions, giving the TI website a shared platform servicing users in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with content in their own language, while also sharing resources across the separate domains.

In addition to meeting TI's requirements for organising and presenting their products and information, we developed a search function which allows the user to filter search results based on school, article and course. Sign-up to the schools offer is available through a flexible extension of eZ Publish called eZ Survey.

“We are extremely pleased with the completion of the project. Netmaking has delivered an outstanding service, offered speedy response to queries and has shown flexibility and professionalism throughout the development process.”
- Jon David Junge, Market Advisor
Kom Inn AS

Kom Inn AS -

Design, development and hosting of the Kom Inn website based on eZ Publish.

Kom Inn is a Norwegian company that offers brand design and development for offices and buildings.
As Kom Inn works in a field that is unfamiliar to many, the main objective of its website was to clarify exactly what the company has to offer. This was achieved using short and concise descriptions, while maintaining a strong focus on the projects that Kom Inn has completed to date.

Inspiration is at the centre of the services that Kom Inn provides. To convey this, the website used techniques from magazine publishing, such as an active use of typography and large images of projects. In addition to this, the website is home to a blog with tags such as “retro”, “signage” and “shabby-chic”.

"Kom Inn is extremely satisfied with Netmaking. They got on board with our business ethos and showed us the opportunities available when developing our website. Their customer service throughout the process has been very agreeable and the project was delivered to the set deadlines. The training that we were given in the use of eZ Publish was extremely good – the system is lucid and logical – and allows us to regularly update our content.”
- Kari Engh Johansen, Manager
Troms Reiseliv / Travel and Tourism

Troms Reiseliv / Travel and Tourism -

Development and hosting of a travel and tourism portal with Tellus integration, based on eZ Publish.

Troms Reiseliv is responsible for coordinating efforts to expand the travel and tourism industry in Troms County, Norway.
When they first approached us, Troms Reiseliv had a pre-developed design which by means of small adjustments could be modified to reflect the seasons of the year. They also had their own travel companies.

The project's largest challenge was integrating the new system into Tellus, which is a bespoke database for travel and tourism companies, offering information about the different tourist attractions in the county.

The platform for the website is set up to be able to re-use the functionality and design in multiple travel and tourism portals, with two new portals already under construction.

“We are delighted with the work Netmaking has done for Troms Reiseliv. Netmaking offers a fast response time and high levels of customer service. The job was done with the utmost precision.”
- Yngve Larsen, Project Manager
Elby (El & Belysning)

Elby (El & Belysning) -

Design, development and hosting of a web commerce site integrated into Visma and based on eZ Publish.

Elby is an online retailer of lighting and electronic products at what they call “irritatingly low prices”.

In addition to the standard e-commerce functionality, has been built to include a real-time Visma integration, which transfers an updated version of the product catalogue from Visma to the online shop on a daily basis.

The online shop has also been developed with a streamlined one-stop-checkout, making the user experience as quick and easy as possible, for both new and existing clients.

Our new friend at Elby, who claims to “write like he talks”, had (among other things) the following to say about us:
“Eeee... from the moment we got in touch... with Netmaking... to the point where we today have a complete web-shop... there's actually nothing negative to say... well, there's always small things in every project... but they are so quickly forgotten because of the high level of service. What's great about Netmaking is that they think about things... of course they complete the task you give them... but never without having pondered the task first... and this little analysis of the consequences is a good thing to have...

I have used superlatives throughout this project... and words like “genius”... have been used a lot... eZ as a web-shop is the kind of thing you learn how to administrate in a week... and after that point, everything has gone like a dream... if I had anything to say to eZ as a whole, it's to take a look at Visma, because there's a lot to learn... but... I think that to date there is no other publishing solution with better admin than eZ... in Norway... and I have tried many before deciding to use eZ. In conclusion... Netmaking has done a 100% professional job... and you can see the result at”
The Online Backup Company

The Online Backup Company -

Design, development and hosting of a website based on eZ Publish.

The Online Backup Company (OBC) is Norway’s largest provider of online backup solutions to private companies and public bodies.

In 2008, Netmaking developed OBC's new affiliate web system and when the time came for them to redevelop their website, they returned to Netmaking for our services.

OBC is an exciting company in rapid growth – they needed a new website that could convey the company's vision and product specifications in a more accessible way.

In addition to a tailor-made design based on the company's profile, the website incorporates a booking solution that calculates prices based on the customer’s chosen configuration in real-time.

The website is also linked into OBC's chat support, as well as the log-in user interface for the company's clients.
NIA Sports Interactive

NIA Sports Interactive -

Design, development and hosting of an online social networking community based on eZ Publish.

NIA Sports Interactive is behind the online community site, a website devoted to making it easy to find sporting events and activities in Norway.

The background of the site is the desire to encourage Norwegians to get active by making it easy to get hold of information about sports teams and organisations.

The website has been built to allow the individual organisations to publish text, images and activities on their own page, which can be searched for by site visitors. Advertising on the website is managed through an integration with OpenX, a complete open-sourced advertising system.

“Precision and predictability were two of the most important elements in the completion of this project. Netmaking has really taken ownership of process, and has completed the redevelopment of our pages in an extremely professional way. In no way do I have any complaint about the process.”
- Kristian Haugaasen, Manager
Hageglede – online magazine and shop

Hageglede – online magazine and shop -

Design, development and hosting of an online shop based on eZ Publish.

Hageglede (literally translated as “Garden Joy”) is Norway's largest online shop for plants, bulbs and seeds.

The starting point for the project was Hageglede's pre-existing online shop which, having been developed in 2001, had become outdated both in terms of design and as a practical technical solution. The design did not take advantage of today's larger screen sizes, and the buying process was unorthodox when compared to the current standard format. On the technical side, the site had not been developed with search engines in mind, so it was not achieving high rankings.

Part of our brief was to introduce elements that would drive more traffic to the site, such as articles, gardening tips and a searchable encyclopaedia of plants.

The design process focused on shaping a web design that appeared both professional and appealing, while not detracting from the large amount of content on each page.

The e-commerce solution was integrated with Mamut allowing Hageglede to maintain only one web catalogue, which is automatically updated in the online shop. In addition to card payment options and standard e-commerce functionality, we created bespoke formulas for the calculation of delivery charge and date.

The plant encyclopaedia, which was launched in stages across the spring, will eventually contain details of 6,000 plants, with details of planting, growing conditions, maintenance instructions and much more.

“Netmaking had complete control throughout the project, and if anything at all was missing this was corrected in no time at all.
Netmaking was very active in collaborating with us when it came to good ideas and problem solving. They have a thorough understanding of the solution they work with, and know how to best use it when creating websites.”
- Monica Saga
Paradox Film Production

Paradox Film Production -

Development and hosting of guest-list functionality as an expansion of eZ Publish.

Paradox is a Norwegian film production company with a number of well-known commercials and feature films to their name.

In the context of the premiere showings and after-parties that Paradox arranges upon release of their feature films, Paradox wanted a flexible solution for inviting guests and tracking their responses to an event with one or more “happenings”.

Based on the client's wishes, Netmaking developed a guest list function that works as an extension to eZ Publish. The solution was first released in 2007 and has since then been further developed to be a comprehensive and flexible system for managing guest lists for events.

The solution was recently used to invite and manage responses for two of Paradoxes big autumn releases – deUsynlige and Fatso.
The Online Backup Company's Extranet

The Online Backup Company's Extranet -

Design and development of an extranet system for The Online Backup Company's (OBC) affiliate network.

OBC offers encrypted and remotely stored backup copying of data for small and medium sized businesses.

The starting point for this project was OBC's desire to develop an extranet system for their network of affiliate resellers. The extranet would need to be a tool that could be used throughout the customer process, from marketing to creating offers and reporting of sales, through to following up with existing clients and keeping an overview of commission structures.

Netmaking was given the opportunity to be part of the process from its inception and actively contributed to the creation of a detailed requirement specification, which formed the basis for the further development of the project.

The final product is a bespoke extranet for OBC, which aids the work-flow of their affiliate network. Examples of the extranet's functionalities are:
- Automatic generation of quotes and contract documents
- Integration into OBC's backup servers in order to collect information on disk-space use etc.
- Calculation of commission
- Management of up-selling procedures

“The results of the brief were even better than expected. The process was tidy throughout, from specification to the completed solution. Completion was fast, comprehensive and, last but not least, delivered before the set deadline. The training, follow-up and problem solving has all been extremely satisfactory.”
- Alexander Hagerup, Chief Executive Officer
Park og Golfmaskiner

Park og Golfmaskiner -

Design, development and hosting of web shop for Park og Golfmaskiner (PGM). The web shop is integrated with the Norwegian ERP system Mamut, seamlessly transferring product and order data between the two systems.

PGM delivers products for maintenance and care of golf courses and soccer arenas.

Specific for this project was the two-piece target demographic. The web shop was therefore divided into two sections to keep from "disturbing" the green keepers with products for soccer arenas.

In addition to standard eZ Publish e-commerce functionality, the web shop is also set up with:

* Leasing prices
* Credit card acceptance
* Discount coupons
* Shipping handling based on weight and recipient zip code

Client statement:

"Professional, service minded and efficient. These are keywords that I would use to describe Netmaking and their redevelopment of our web site. We are very please with both the process and the result."

- Brynjar Haug, Key Account Manager
Aschehoug Agency

Aschehoug Agency -

Design, development and hosting for Aschehoug Agency. The primary function of the website is to simplify the process for foreign agents who are searching for Norwegian literature rights-managed by Aschehoug, Oktober and Univeristetsforlaget.

Aschehoug Agencys history as a leading independent Norwegian publishing house stretches more than 130 years back in time.

In addition to basic design and development we also completed a thorough import of existing data from the old Aschehoug database and developed a tool for the Aschehoug agents significantly simplifying their workflow.

The client, represented by Rights Manager Frøydis Kristiansen Jørve, was very pleased with our work, underlining our punctuality, flexibility and the end-product itself, bearing both functionality and design in mind.
Norsk Bolig- og Byplanforening

Norsk Bolig- og Byplanforening -

Development and hosting of a dynamic website in collaboration with Zoot design. The site was coded using XHTML Strict 1.0 for content and CSS for design.
Skedsmo Regnskapskontor

Skedsmo Regnskapskontor -

Webdesign and development based on eZ Publish.

Skedsmo Regnskapskontor AS handles our accounting because they are service minded, experienced and offer accounting software which is able to collect data from our own invoice system based upon eZ Publish.

In addition to regular CMS functionality the site incorporates a function where its users can be informed by e-mail when the news-section is updated. This is particularly useful for clients in this line of business due to changes in tax rules, VAT rates etc.

Nettinvest -

Webdesign and development based on eZ Publish.

The website’s MWR (Most Wanted Response) has always been Nettinvest’s main focus, and in this case it consists of getting in touch with the user in order to evaluate their existing internet marketing and potential for reducing marketing budgets.

Based on this Nettinvest have developed a free analyzation system around which the website's structure, design and content has been focused.
Scandinavian Retail Group

Scandinavian Retail Group -

Web development based on eZ Publish.

The project was completed in collaboration with the graphic design office Zoot, and remains a great example of our ability to work with external designers if this is the client’s desired workflow.

Brokke -

Webdesign, hosting and development based on eZ Publish.

Brokke is a tourist resort offering both winter and summer related outdoor experiences. Amongst the services on offer are skiing, accomodation, hunting and fishing. Brokke have great insight into the cost efficiency the web has to offer their line of business and this was apparent in the list of technical challenges which we rose to with a lot of enthusiasm.

The project was perfect for us here at Netmaking because it consisted of a thorough design-prosess accomodating the different experiences on offer during summer and winter. In addition we developed an online booking system, incorporated dynamic weather services and mobile phone services enabling the staff to update skiing conditions through their mobile devices.
Oslo Håndverks og Industriforening

Oslo Håndverks og Industriforening -

Design, development and hosting of the Oslo Håndverks & Industriforening (OHIF) web site.

OHIF is an independant organization for industry businesses in Oslo, Norway. The organization does lobby work in order to promote the interests of their members.

The web site is stage 2 of a 3-stage project where Netmaking has designed a new visual identity, web site and material based upon the new identify. One of the elements which has gotten a makeover, is the member magazine published by OHIF.

In addition to out-of-the-boz eZ Publish functionality, the web site makes use of an extension for handling bookings of the meeting rooms available the members.

The client says:

Netmaking As have been great at meeting our expections . We are especially pleased with:

* Short response times
* Deadlines being met
* Constructive suggestions
* Availability

- Kristin Brandt, Communications Advisor
Forlaget Manifest (Manifest Publishing House)

Forlaget Manifest (Manifest Publishing House) -

Design, development and hosting of the newly established publisher Manifest’s e-commerce website.

The publisher was granted a flying start with immense press coverage when their first release “Frp-koden” by Magnus E. Marsdal hit the market, and in order to make the most of this they decided to establish an e-commerce website.

The website is integrated with the Norwegian online payment provider Cardia and utilizes the Netmaking web-based invoice software. The latter enables the Manifest to generate invoices based on orders received from within eZ publish.

In addition to e-commerce functionality we developed a customized method of generating newsletters for the client which, in addition to handling basic subscription alternatives for the members of the distribution list, also automatically generates the content of the newsletter based on dynamic criteria which the client may alter at any given time.

Client quote:
We are very pleased with the way Netmaking carried out this project. We found it to be of great advantage to work closely throughout the project with few persons involved. Netmaking demonstrated great flexibility when we at certain points wanted to make changes or if we had just forgotten something we needed done. We are also very pleased with the design, for which we receive a great deal of credit.

- Håkon Kolmannskog, Editor

GYM2000 -

Design, development and hosting of the GYM2000 e-commerce website

GYM2000 develop and produce weight-training equipment which eventually is sold directly to their customers. The website is integrated with the client’s business management solution Mamut, automatically exporting their product catalogue to the website and collecting orders from the latter back into Mamut for further processing.

Client quote:
We are pleased with the way Netmaking carried out our e-commerce project.
Response time was always at a minimum and it was easy to get in touch with qualified personell at Netmaking. Modifications to the solution were swiftly carried out in a professional manner.

- Vidar Løvf, Manager
Forlaget Oktober (Oktober Publishing House)

Forlaget Oktober (Oktober Publishing House) -

Design, development and hosting of October’s e-commerce website.

October represents about 70 Norwegian authors and they publish on average 35 titles each year. The launch of their new website corresponded with the book launch of autumn 07.

In addition to e-commerce functionality we developed a customized method of generating newsletters for the client which, in addition to handling basic subscription alternatives for the members of the distribution list, also automatically generates the content of the newsletter based on dynamic criteria which the client may alter at any given time.

Client quote:
Throughout the entire process Netmaking have been forthcoming in regards to providing us with sound advice when needed and our wishes and demands have always been met according to our expectations. All in all Netmaking have contributed to a splendid cooperative process and we are very happy with the final result.

- Elisabeth Steen, Marketing Director

Frost Produkt -

Frost Produkt is a Norwegian product design company with success stories like the Alta bike (

Having recently won a contract with Posten (the norwegian postal service) Frost Produkt needed a web shop where they could sell the new mail boxes they were designing as a result of the contract.

The web shop is integrated with Posten's shopping portal for Posten employees, allowing users to browse the products in the Frost Produkt web shop, but check out using the Posten shopping portal. The shop is also integrated with the Norwegian ERP system Visma used by the company producing and shipping the mail boxes. Furthermore, the web shop is set up with a web based invoicing module, allowing Frost Produkt to create invoices automatically based on orders made in the web shop.

The site was developed by Netmaking (, an eZ Publish certified, Norwegian web development company specialicing in e-commcerce and cost-effective web solutions built upon the eZ Publish platform.
Gullmikken (Radio 1, Kanal 24 and P4)

Gullmikken (Radio 1, Kanal 24 and P4) -

Gullmikken (The Gold Microphone) is the name of the Norwegian radio spot awards, and is an initative from the radio stations Radio 1, Kanal 24 and P4.

The web site publishes the three best finalists each month (silver microphones), and elects winners in the different categories at the end of the season.

The production companies submit their spots for nomination by logging into their own extranet where they can upload spots and related information. At the end of each month, the jury logs in and selects which spots they would like to see on the shortlist.

The site was developed by Netmaking (, an eZ Publish certified, Norwegian web development company specialicing in e-commcerce and cost-effective web solutions built upon the eZ Publish platform.
Arbeiderpartiets bystyregruppe i Oslo

Arbeiderpartiets bystyregruppe i Oslo -

The web site «Et bedre forslag» («A better suggestion») is an initative from local division of Arbeiderpartiet (the Norwegian Labour Party). The purpose of the site is to be a platform for discussing ideas and suggestions related to local politics.

The site features several blogs by various people related to the party, and a forum where visitors can share their ideas and suggestions.

The site was developed by Netmaking (, an eZ Publish certified, Norwegian web development company specialicing in e-commcerce and cost-effective web solutions built upon the eZ Publish platform.

Naturalia -

Naturalia is a Norwegian company which sells nature products online. The company also produces its own line of products.

In addition to a fully fledged web shop integrated with the internet payment solutions vendor WorldPay, the site features an extensive extension to eZ Publish for handling affiliate sales. The extension includes logging and reporting affiliate sales based on a complex set of comission rules.

Furthermore, the web shop is integrated with the Norwegian ERP system Ajour Office, allowing the company to import products from the ERP system, and export orders from the web shop.

The site was developed by Netmaking (, an eZ Publish certified, Norwegian web development company specialicing in e-commcerce and cost-effective web solutions built upon the eZ Publish platform.