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Netgen d.o.o.

Netgen d.o.o.

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Netgen d.o.o., Croatia

Netgen is the leading eZ CMS solution provider in Croatia and region.

Our core business is development of Internet sites and custom information systems as well as consulting in the same areas. Our services include web consulting, design, integration and deployment taking into account the specifics of our clients business process.

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Adria Luxus

Adria Luxus -

Company Adria Luxus d.o.o. is founded 2 years ago as a wholesale of high quality china, cutlery and glasses for hotels, restaurants and bars, interior equipping and consulting of food & beverage service. They are exclusive Croatian importer of Rosenthal and Hutschenreuther porcelain and crystal, Robert Welch flatware and distributer of WMF assortment and Riedel glasse.
Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb

Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb -

Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb is the largest and one of the most esteemed theatres in Croatia, with drama, opera and ballet productions.

Theatre website gives the visitor rich information on current plays, theatre ensemble and history of the theatre with much multimedia included (video excerpts, photo galleries,...). Online purchase of tickets for running productions is also available. - is the leading cable TV and Internet provider in Croatia, offering complete spectrum of telecommunication services including TV, Internet access and telephone services for both private and business customers. With presence in more than 250 000 households, has a mission of introducing modern cable broadband services in Croatia.

Separate sub-sites are created for private customers and businesses, former being presented with richer multimedia content including video and photo galleries, and latter accessing more corporate and business style pages.
ZagrebInfo portal

ZagrebInfo portal -

ZagrebInfo web portal offers vast information resource on different kinds of businesses and services in the city of Zagreb.

Listings include wide range of information, from local restaurants and shops to banks and government locations like police stations. User generated content and reviews are used for identifying the most popular and relevant places and Google maps integration helps finding the exact geographic location.
Zagreb Commercial Court

Zagreb Commercial Court -

Zagreb Commercial Court is Croatia’s largest commercial court.

The main purpose of information offered on its website is to help visitors and users find up-to-date information regarding Court's area of service. eZ Find search plugin is used for searching the site for the most relevant content.
Metal Product

Metal Product -

METAL PRODUCT is a Croatian company, founded in 1967, with more than 120 employees and growing.
Croatian Government

Croatian Government -

The official web site of the Croatian Government. The portal offers diverse information in a rich, multimedia form. The available content includes: session decisions, official announcements, news from the Croatian Government, foto galleries, video and audio content. A special interface is available to accredited journalists. An advanced, lucene-based search engine has been integrated into the web site, enabling visitors and users to search over 80 government and public web sites, including all the web sites of all the Ministries, Parliament and the Government itself.
Horwath HTL

Horwath HTL -

Web site of Horwath HTL, leading consultants in Southeast Europe for hotel, tourism and leisure industry.
Poliderma polyclinic

Poliderma polyclinic -

The Poliderma polyclinic web site offers a wide variety of information about the treatments and technologies used in the clinic. The web site is easy to use, articulate and informative with a lot of multimedia interactive content.
Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts

Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts -

Official portal of Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts provides a wealth of information and advice from the field of trades and crafts. Furthermore it offers information about the activities of the umbrella organisation of Croatian tradesmen and craftsmen for other interested parties: potential business partners, institutions from the country and abroad, students, vocational schools and media representatives.
Gavella Theatre

Gavella Theatre -

City Drama Theater Gavella is one of the most esteemed and the most enduring playhouses in Zagreb and in Croatia, with over 50 years of existance and more then 300 premieres.
National Biosafety Framework in Croatia

National Biosafety Framework in Croatia -

These pages have been established under UNEP/GEF Project entitled: Development of the National Biosafety Framework for Republic of Croatia.
We are covering legislative, administrative, scientific and public aspects of GMO issues.

Croatian Salsa Festival

Croatian Salsa Festival -

This site is the official site of the Croatian Salsa Festival, which will be held in a beautifull city on the Adriatic coast - Rovinj! It will try to give You as much information as possible concerning Festival events, how to plan your trip and every other usefull information.

Organization of physically disabled students - The Step

Organization of physically disabled students - The Step -

Official web site of organisation of physically disabled students in Croatia. Special attention was given to user accessibility.

Our main location is in Zagreb, but we are active throughout Croatia, with regional centres in Osijek, Rijeka and Split. We formed the database providing basic information on university education of disabled students and we created a vision of founding the Centre for Disabled Students.

Cybermed -

Croatian health portal. -

Croatian gastronomical site.

Large recipe collection with related articles and news. Visitors can also post their own recipes, which are rated by other readers.

Recipes include various facts, including the history of the dish, nutritional information, dietary information, food philosophy, or anecdotes related to the recipe.
Netgen d.o.o.

Netgen d.o.o. -

Netgen d.o.o. is a software company located in Croatia, Europe. Its core business is production of Internet solutions and custom information systems as well as consulting in the same areas. Netgen offers services of web site design and deployment taking into account the specifics of our clients business process.

Netgen is eZ publish Business partner (Bronze).
eKiosk web shop

eKiosk web shop -

TISAK eKiosk is a web shop offering products of TISAK d.d, a leading Croatian publisher.

The eKiosk catalogue features a rich selection of bestsellers of Croatian and world literature, monographies, handbooks, picture books, dictionaries and atlases. A sizable collection of popular movies and television series on DVD and audio CDs is also available.
Psihonet health portal

Psihonet health portal -

The Psihonet health portal provides information on diseases, diagnostic procedures and treatment options in psychiatry, neurology and psychology.

Psihonet wishes to improve the health and quality of life of people with mental or neurological conditions, improve diagnosis, help treatment start on time, support patients' rehabilitation and alleviate the stigma of mental and neurological conditions.

Furthermore, Psihonet provides a portal for health workers, aiming to provide professional information and a continuous learning environment to pharmacists, medical doctors, dentists and other professional health workers.
"Hope" citizens' association

"Hope" citizens' association -

The web site of the "Hope" citizens' association established to help women fighting breast cancer.

The association focuses on education of women about breast cancer in general and the importance of prevention, diagnosis, treatment possibilities, treatment sideefects and the need for psychological and social support in particular. -

The Infos web application was built as a tool for Croatian Chamber Of Trades And Crafts counselors to facilitate streamlined communication with the public.

Every query received via e-mail, telephone, written letter, fax or personally is handled in the system. They are stored, verified, printed, and linked to similar queries, with the most frequent queries displayed on the public web site.
MAKART group

MAKART group -

The official web site of the MAKART group. Led by MAKART Ltd., the group imports and distributes consumer goods made by a number of world renowned manufacturers.

MAKART employs over 90 employees and already counts 17 years of successful operation in Croatia.
Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare -

The official web site of the Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. The Ministry handles administrative and other tasks related to: health care and health insurance system; monitoring and improvement of population's health level and health needs.
HrOUG - Croatian Oracle User Group

HrOUG - Croatian Oracle User Group -

Croatian Oracle User Group is a nonprofit organisation. We are supporting the Oracle user community in Croatia with more than 140 members, major Croatian companies covering almost all bussiness area on the Croatian market. Our main activity is organisation of the Annual User Conference in October, which is the biggest Oracle event in Croatia. Main sponsors of the Annual event are Oracle Hrvatska, HP, T-Com, Computech and Cisco Systems. - is freediving and scuba diving shop. Also features a various equipment for spearfishing.
Iskon Broadband Telekom

Iskon Broadband Telekom -

Iskon Broadband Telekom is the leading provider of a new generation of broadband telecommunication services in Croatia with recognizable brand name and national coverage. Over 10,000 companies and 100,000 private customers are using Iskon's services.

Iskon consigned the development of their new corporate web site to Netgen d.o.o. ( and the eZ publish CMS. Handling over 100.000 visits per day, the site showcases both the CMS' scalability and the team's optimization skills. The numbers are high pitched, but eZ publish runs steadily. -

Mljet was proclaimed a national park in November 1960. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean sea. Island is well known for the old pine forests and two picturesque salt water lakes connected with each other and the sea. Website offers various informations about Mljet National park, nature, cultural heritage and places,
Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb -

Web site offers all Faculty-related information about the educational programs (BSc and MSc programs, postgraduate studies), scientific research, and Faculty organization.