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NetBliss , Italy

NetBliss is an italian IT consulting company providing custom open source web based solutions for advanced content management, e-commerce and customer relationship management.

We provide also basic services like web hosting, domain registration and mail services, with a great attention to security and perfomance.

We are Linux experts and we have ten year experience on eZ publish CMS. We offer to our customers a full consultancy from design and customization to hosting and training.

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Click Illuminazione

Click Illuminazione -

Website of an Italian company distributing energy saving technology, like magnetic induction lamps.

SUAP - Comune di Canosa di Puglia

SUAP - Comune di Canosa di Puglia -

Comune di Canosa di Puglia

Comune di Canosa di Puglia -

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Company site of shoes producers

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Site of an Association of Companies.



Corporate site of an italian public company providing enviromental services. SIA FG4 is created by a consortium of towns of the same district in the north of Puglia working together for solving the big problem of waste collecting and recycling in their territory.

BPBrenting -

BPBrenting is the professional service for car renting of Banca Popolare di Bari. The partner of BPBrenting is ALD Automotive.
Terre di Traiano

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The web site of a historical holiday farmhouse in the beautiful countryside of Puglia.
Top Comunication Srl

Top Comunication Srl -

Web site of an Italian consulting company.
Dialab Group

Dialab Group -

Dialab Group is a company selling highly technological health products to hospitals and medical centers.
Terra Fuoco Acqua

Terra Fuoco Acqua -

A portal about Southern Italy art & crafts, folklore and cultural event, with a shop of traditional objects and music.
ISPEC Puglia

ISPEC Puglia -

ISPEC is an Italian engineering laboratory specialised in geotechnical test on building materials, soils, rocks and other tests for the building industry.

Partner&Partner -

Web portal of an Italian advertising company.
Nuova Cultura d'Impresa

Nuova Cultura d'Impresa -

Website of a marketing and communication italian company.


Spam is an italian company specialized in producing and selling building materials and distributing thermoidraulic and air conditioning systems.
Ordine Consulenti del Lavoro BAT

Ordine Consulenti del Lavoro BAT -

Arte & Balletto

Arte & Balletto -

The website of Arte&BallettO, a Cultural Association committed to the promotion of the art of dancing around Europe. The choreographer Mauro de Candia is the artistic director of Arte&BallettO and of the Pneuma Dance Theatre, the dance company and center of production, bringing on tour, with success, Mauro de Candia’s creations on the international stages.
Euro Rent & Trade

Euro Rent & Trade -

Corporate website of an Italian Company selling and renting industrial equipment.


Corporate website of a company providing environmental services for public and private sectors in Southern Italy.
Marlene Lingerie

Marlene Lingerie -

Company website of Marlene, producing underwear and garments for men,
women and children.

Eversport -

Website of a betting agency
Pastaio  Maffei

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Company portal of Il Pastaio di Maffei, a company producing fresh Italian pasta.
La Grandetta Bed & Breakfast

La Grandetta Bed & Breakfast -

Website of a bed and breakfast country house under the beautiful Castel del Monte
Studio Artsmedia

Studio Artsmedia -

Artsmedia is a media and marketing agency specialized in advertising, strategic planning for brand marketing with a particular attention to the communication on web.
Ottica Lamusta

Ottica Lamusta -

Website of Italian shops selling glasses and optical products